12.2 Upgrading the ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management Servers to ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management with IR1

  1. Before performing the upgrade, do the following:

    • Take a reliable backup of your object and data stores, and eDirectory. For more information, see ZENworks Object Store and Data Store Maintenance in the Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management Administration Guide.

    • Ensure that eDirectory is listening on port 10389.

    • Take an image of the ZENworks servers.

    • Ensure that the ZENworks Linux Management server and the server on which the Oracle or the PostgreSQL database is running are in time sync.

    • Remove OpenLDAP 2 from the ZENworks Server, if it is installed.

      • 1. To verify whether OpenLDAP 2 has been installed, execute rpm -qa |grep openldap2 at the server console prompt. This displays the installed package version.
      • 2. To remove Open LDAP 2, execute rpm -e openldap2.
  2. Install ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management Hot Patch 5. For more information on how to obtain and install the Hot Patch, contact Novell Support.

  3. Apply the TID 3859039. For more information about applying the TID, see Novell Support.