7.1 Installing ZENworks Linux Management on SLES 10 IA 64

  1. Back up the /bin/rpm file by using the cp /bin/rpm /bin/rpm.bak command.

  2. Change the security level preference to None by using the rug set security-level none command.

    For more information, see rug (1) in the Novell ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management Administration Guide.

  3. Open any text editor and create an install script ia64_72IR2_Install.sh with the following information:

    if [ ! -f /bin/rpm.orig/rpm ];then
        mkdir -p /bin/rpm.orig
        mv /bin/rpm /bin/rpm.orig
    echo "/bin/rpm.orig/rpm --nosignature \$*" > /bin/rpm
    chmod +x /bin/rpm
  4. Save the install script file and exit the editor.

  5. Run the install script by using the sh ia64_72IR2_Install.sh command.

  6. Install ZENworks 7.2 Linux Management with IR2on the managed device. For more information on how to install, see Section 7.2, Installing the ZENworks Agent and Registering the Device.

  7. Restore the rpm.bak file by using the mv /bin/rpm.bak /bin/rpm command.