1.4 ZENworks Terms

This section contains explanations of the ZENworks Linux Management terms used in this overview.

Table 1-1 ZENworks Terms




ZENworks Linux Management has two types of bundles: RPM package bundles and Preboot bundles. An RPM package bundle is collection of software (RPM) packages. A Preboot bundle is a collection of scripts or images that are applied to a device at bootup.


A collection of RPM package bundles and Preboot bundles. Catalogs can contain one Preboot bundle and one or more RPM bundles. Bundles assigned to a device are automatically installed, but bundles included in a catalog are optional; the device’s user must manually initiate the installation of the bundle.

managed device

A Linux server or workstation that has the ZENworks Agent installed and is registered in the ZENworks Management Zone.


A set of information that defines the operating system and application configuration settings for a managed device.

software package

A collection of software installation files. ZENworks Linux Management supports RPM packages only.

ZENworks Agent

The software installed on a Linux server or workstation that enables it to be managed by a ZENworks Server. The ZENworks Agent consists of multiple components that support software package delivery, policy enforcement, imaging, remote management, and so forth.

ZENworks Control Center

The ZENworks Control Center is the Web-based administrative console used to manage the ZENworks Linux Management system.

ZENworks Data Store


Data Store

The Data Store contains information about the software packages available for delivery, the hardware and software inventory lists collected from devices, and the actions scheduled to take place within the system.

The Data Store can reside on the ZENworks Primary Server or it can reside on a remote server. All ZENworks Servers require access to the Data Store.

ZENworks Management Zone


Management Zone

A ZENworks system is divided into one or more ZENworks Management Zones. Each Management Zone consists of at least one ZENworks Server and the devices managed by that server. During installation of a zone’s first ZENworks Server, you give the zone a name for identification purposes.

For more information, see ZENworks Management Zone.

ZENworks Primary Server


Primary Server

Each ZENworks Management Zone has one ZENworks Primary Server. The Primary Server is the first server installed and contains the ZENworks services, ZENworks Object Store, and software packages. Optionally, it might also contain the ZENworks Data Store.

Each Managed Device is managed by a single server (either primary or secondary).

ZENworks Object Store


Object Store

The Object Store is the information repository for devices, groups, policies, bundles, and other ZENworks objects defined within the system. The Object Store, which is version 8.7.3 of Novell eDirectory, is set up and configured during installation. The information in the Object Store is managed through the ZENworks Control Center.

ZENworks Secondary Server


Secondary Server

Each ZENworks Management Zone has one ZENworks Primary Server. All other ZENworks Servers installed in the zone are called ZENworks Secondary Servers.

A Secondary Server has the ZENworks services, the Object Store, and the software packages.


A command line interface that lets you manage your ZENworks system. The zlman utility is useful for automating tasks (through scripts) and performing mass management tasks that might be tedious to perform in the ZENworks Control Center.