9.3 ZENworks Agent

The ZENworks Agent, which is installed on all ZENworks Servers and all managed devices, runs as root. By default, remote services are enabled for the agent (allowing it to be controlled from another device).

IMPORTANT:The default setting for remote services on SUSEĀ® Linux Enterprise Server 10 is set to false (remote-enabled=false). After you install the ZENworks agent on a SLES 10 device, the remote services setting is changed to true (remote-enabled=true).

For remote services, the agent listens on port 2544. If you want to secure the ZENworks Agent so that it can only be controlled from the local device, use the novell-zmd no-remote command. If you want to change the listening port, use the rug set remote-port port_number command, then restart the agent (novell-zmd restart).

On Intel Itanium* IA64 managed devices, the privileges of the user application connecting to the XLM-RPC socket (/var/run/zmd/zmd-web.socket) are not checked.