7.11 Integrating Novell Customer Center with ZENworks Linux Management

Novell Customer Center is an online tool that makes it easier for you to manage your business and technical interactions with Novell. From one location, you can do the following:

For more information about Novell Customer Center, see the Novell Customer Center documentation.

ZENworks Linux Management helps you to register all SLES 10 and SLED 10 managed devices into Novell Customer Center at the same time. By integrating Novell Customer Center with the ZENworks Linux Management server, you do not need to individually register each managed device to Novell Customer Center.

To integrate the ZENworks Linux Management Server with Novell Customer Center:

  1. Install ZENworks Linux Management Agent on all the managed devices. For more information, see Setting Up Managed Devices in the Novell ZENworks 7.3 Linux Management Installation Guide.

  2. Register the ZENworks Linux Management Server to Novell Customer Center.

    • On SLES 10: Execute zlm-ncc-reg <IP_address_of_the ZENworks_Linux_Management_server> <E-Mail_Id_of_Novell_Customer_Center_Account> <License_key_for_ZENworks_Linux_Management_or_the_product_ that_entitles_you_to_ZENworks Linux Management>

    • On Other Servers: Execute the zlm-ncc-reg command.

    The ZENworks Linux Management Server acts as a Satellite server and registers all the managed devices to Novell Customer Center.

  3. Log in to the ZENworks Control Center, then click the Configuration tab.

  4. In Management Zone Settings, click Novell Customer Center to display the Novell Customer Center page.

    Novell Customer Center page
  5. Configure the following settings to register the managed devices and upload their basic hardware inventory information to Novell Customer Center:

    • Select Enable link-up with Novell Customer Center.

      This enables the server to periodically transmit information about itself and its managed devices to Novell Customer Center.

    • In Update Interval (Hrs), specify how often the server must send information to Novell Customer Center. By default, the interval is 3 hours.

  6. Click Apply, then click OK.

NOTE:To view the information uploaded by the ZENworks Linux Management Satellite server, ensure that the Novell Customer Center account is created before registering the ZENworks Linux Management Server to Novell Customer Center.