B.1 Date Specific

Select one or more dates on which to run the scheduled event and set other restrictions that might apply.

NOTE:If you schedule an event in the past, the scheduled event occurs when the assigned device refreshes.

Start Dates(s): Click the plus (+) symbol to display a calendar from which you can select dates to run the event on. Click the arrows next to the month to display the previous or next month’s calendar; click the arrows next to the year to display the previous or next year’s calendar.

Run Event Every Year: Select this option to run the event every year on the dates that you selected in the Start date(s) field.

Select When Schedule Execution Should Start: Select one of the following options:

StartTime\End Time: Use the down-arrows to select the start and end times of the scheduled event.

IMPORTANT:Be aware that ZENworks Linux Management uses the End Time as the “expiration time.” If a bundle or policy is in the middle of being executed, execution stops at the specified time.

Use Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): Usually, a schedule is based on the device’s local time zone. If your network spans different time zones and you schedule an application to run at 13:00 (1:00 p.m.), it runs at 13:00 in each time zone. This option lets you specify a single time across the globe.

You can, for example, select this option to have bundles deployed or installed on devices at the same time regardless of their time zones.