17.6 Adding Policies to Existing Groups

Using policy groups eases administration efforts by letting you group several policies so you can use common assignments, schedules, and so forth, rather than configuring these settings for each policy you create.

  1. In the ZENworks Control Center, click the Policies tab, select the desired policy in the Policies list by selecting the box next to its name, click Action, then click Add to Group to display the Targets page.

    Targets page
  2. Click Add to open the Select Groups dialog box, click the desired objects to add them to the Selected list, then click OK to display the selected groups in the list on the Targets page.

  3. Click Next to display the Finish page.

  4. Review the information on the Finish page, making any changes to the settings by using the Back button as necessary, then click Finish to add the policy to the group.