22.6 Deleting Catalogs

If you delete a catalog from your ZENworks Linux Management system, the catalog does not display on the Bundles or Devices pages in the ZENworks Control Center; however, the software in the catalog that is installed remains on the previously assigned devices.

If you remove a catalog's assignments, the previously assigned devices are no longer assigned to the catalog; however, the software in the catalog remains on those devices.

To remove the software contained in catalogs from devices, see Section 20.14, Using a Remote Execute Policy to Remove Bundles and Packages from Devices.

You can use the ZENworks Control Center or the zlman command line utility to delete catalogs. The following procedure explains how to perform this task using the ZENworks Control Center. If you prefer the zlman command line utility, see the Catalog Commands section of zlman (1) Novell.

To delete a catalog from the ZENworks Control Center:

  1. In the ZENworks Control Center, click the Bundles tab.

    Bundles tab
  2. In the Bundles list, check the box next to the catalog's name, then click Delete to remove the catalog from the ZENworks Control Center.

  3. Click OK on the warning window that displays.