9.0 ZENworks Object Store and Data Store Maintenance

Under normal conditions, the data in the Novell ZENworks Object Store and Data Store is always consistent. However, inconsistencies can occur because of database corruption, hardware failures, or even natural disasters. Therefore, we recommend that you periodically back up and restore the Object Store and Data Store.

ZENworks Linux Management provides tools to back up and restore the ZENworks Object Store and the PostgreSQL Data Store If you are using Oracle for the Data Store, we recommend using a tool like RMAN. Basic instructions for using RMAN are included in this section.

IMPORTANT:To restore a ZENworks Linux Management system after the failure of a ZENworks Primary Server, you need backups of the Object Store, Data Store, package repository, and zlmmirror configuration files. For more information, see Disaster Recovery in the Novell ZENworks Linux Management Troubleshooting Guide.

The following sections provide information about the maintenance tasks you can perform.