37.1 Event Monitoring Terminology

Event: Something that happens, such as a successful installation, that triggers a message to be created and sent.

Local Log: A list of the event messages generated by the ZENworks Agent that resides on the server or workstation.

System Log: A list of event messages displayed only for servers that are functioning as primary or secondary ZENworks Servers. The log lists the system event messages generated by the ZENworks Server for activities that it performs on behalf of all managed devices in its Management Zone.

Message: A detailed description of an event. A message explains an exception such as an error or warning, provides information to a user, or includes a debug statement used for debugging the module.

Community String: The protocol password for SNMP. Applications use community strings for access control. You can use the trap receiver console to define the set of community strings to accept the trap. The agent, in turn, accepts or rejects the operation. When none of the community string matches, the trap is discarded.