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Data Connectors San Francisco04 Dec 2014San FranciscoSeminar
Data Connectors Austin13 Nov 2014AustinSeminar
Data Connectors NYC09 Oct 2014New York CitySeminar
Data Connectors Montreal25 Sep 2014MontrealSeminar
Data Connectors Atlanta04 Sep 2014AtlantaSeminar
Novell Healthcare User Group27 Jun 2014LondonExecutive Event
Novell Healthcare User Group27 Jun 2014Executive Event
Data Connectors Calgary26 Jun 2014CalgarySeminar
Novell FMS Tech Talk24 Jun 2014Webinar
2014 CVS Caremark Charity Classic22 Jun 2014BarringtonExecutive Event
Novell Service Desk Tech Talk19 Jun 2014Webinar
Novell ZENworks Tech Talk11 Jun 2014Webinar
Novell iPrint Tech Talk05 Jun 2014Webinar
Data Connectors Orange County05 Jun 2014Orange CountySeminar
Novell Filr Tech Talk03 Jun 2014Webinar
CANHEIT01 Jun 2014Charlottetown, Prince Edward IslandTradeshow
Data Connectors Philadelphia - Novacoast29 May 2014PhiladelphiaTradeshow
Novell FMS Tech Talk29 May 2014Webinar
Novell Service Desk Tech Talk22 May 2014Webinar
Novell Northern User Group21 May 2014EdinburghExecutive Event
Novell ZENworks Tech Talk14 May 2014Webinar
JIE Mission Partners Symposium12 May 2014BaltimoreTradeshow
Novell iPrint Tech Talk06 May 2014Webinar
Novell Filr Tech Talk01 May 2014Webinar
Infosecurity UK 201429 Apr 2014LondonTradeshow
Novell File Management Suite Tech Talk22 Apr 2014Webinar
Data Connectors Vancouver17 Apr 2014VancouverSeminar
Novell Service Desk Tech Talk17 Apr 2014Webinar
Storage Technology Conference 201401 Apr 2014Tradeshow
Mobile Life Tour in Warsaw26 Sep 2013WarsawSeminar

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