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Our TechTalk webinars are one of the best ways to learn to better leverage your Novell investment or learn more about Novell products. But if you missed one, don’t worry. Our TechTalks are now available as on-demand recordings you can watch anytime your schedule allows.

New Novell GroupWise 2014 TechTalk

Novell GroupWise 2014 offers users flexible, dynamic email and calendaring that work the way they want to work. It also supports the platforms and devices admins need. Join us to learn how easy it is to upgrade and how you can benefit from making the switch.

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Dodge the Data Explosion: Master Your File System

Your data is growing so fast it won't just max out your storage—it'll blow your storage plan to pieces. All that data doesn't have to be a danger. You can find, store and manage it more efficiently to turn it from burden into business value. Learn to easily and simply take control of your data today.

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New Academic TechTalk

Put a Printer in Your Pocket: Novell iPrint
Printing from mobile devices should be easy. Now it can be. Give all your mobile users the ability to print to all your school's current printers with the new Novell iPrint.

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Put a Printer in Your Pocket:
Novell iPrint

Printing from mobile devices should be easy, but the truth is most mobile users don't know how to do it. The lack of this basic tool can limit your workforce. Learn to implement mobile printing without buying expensive new printers. Give your mobile users the ability to print to all your printers with Novell iPrint.

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Feels like Dropbox, Acts like Fort Knox: Novell Filr
Accessing and sharing files on mobile devices doesn't have to create security issues. Learn how you can encourage mobility and maintain security by offering students and teachers an alternative to Dropbox: Novell Filr.

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Do Less Work, Get More Done:
Novell ZENworks

Getting more IT capability usually requires another control panel or system to learn. Not with ZENworks. The ZENworks Control Center is your one-stop interface for client management needs. See how you can go from a single ZENworks product to a suite that helps you solve your challenges without increasing IT complexity.

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The Door to Secure Host Access: Reflection Security Gateway

Even with the best terminal emulation on the market, managing and securing host sessions can be tough. See how Reflection Security Gateway can boost security and ease management of your Attachmate terminal emulation products.

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