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CAS232 – Cloud Manager in Action: A Guided Tour of Working Clouds – BrainShare 2013

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March 13th, 2013

Recorded Live at BrainShare 2013

Speaker Hans Krogull

This customer showcase explores how three different customers use NetIQ Cloud Manager to deliver more flexible IT and substantial cost savings. The ITENOS SOLIDCLOUD seamlessly scales IT infrastructure, including CPU, RAM and storage environments, to tailor IT capacity optimally to actual requirements. We’ll go on a guided tour of the solution, which can be used as the design framework for service providers and large scale enterprises. Tieto’s cloud server gives customers the best features of the public and private cloud, with unbeatable simplicity and speed, security features and transparent integration to existing networks. EOH Enterprise Cloud allows small, medium and large organizations to benefit from the scalability, agility and ease of access that the cloud provides, all at a flexible cost. This segment will focus on on-boarding new customers while delivering secure access, password self-services and access management.

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