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ZEN19: Best Practices for ZCM Implementation – Lecture

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ZENworks Configuration Management is a complex software application than benefits from thoughtful planning prior to and during the implementation in an enterprise. Based on “System Planning, Deployment and Best Practices Guide” for ZENworks version 11 as well as practical field experience, this session will focus on evaluating the business and IT environment into which ZENworks will be deployed, the ZENworks architecture, building a design and documentation, and tips for an efficient deployment of the ZENworks infrastructure and agents. We’ll also discuss steps to be taken after the software is in place, including disaster recovery best practices and tuning the implementation.

This session will be lecture/demo only.  There will not be any hands-on labs.

Prerequisites:  Students should have some knowledge of their enterprise layout (locations, number of devices, network topology). Students would benefit from some understanding of ZCM terminology and architecture in advance.


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