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SUS08: Advanced VMWare Workstation & VM Remote Control – Lecture

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Most of us use VMware Workstation locally and think of ESX or XEN for multi-user and servers.  If you are willing to look a little deeper, you’ll find Workstation options you might not expect.  We’ll crack open a few text files and learn to hand craft a linked clone, make 4 VMs with the disk space of 2, explain the dreaded “Moved or Copied” question and much more.  We’ll learn to use a networking trick that has saved us thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars.  ESX is right for some jobs but you’ll find new ways to save time and money with Workstation.

Of course, the more VMs you have the more you need remote access for them and your users.  There are some great options out there and many of them are free.  We’ll look how to manipulate the built in remote control, FreeNX and variants of VNC.

We’ll focus on Linux as the back end but most of the concepts work with Windows and OS X too.

Prerequisites:  Experience with VMware Workstation is required.  Experience with SUSE Linux Enterprise is strongly suggested


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