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GW04: Hardeninig Novell GroupWise 2012 Security – Lecture

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In this Novell GroupWise session we will focus on hardening Novell GroupWise security. This class will cover enabling LDAP authentication, LDAP Pooling and securing end to end communication between agents with SSL and issuing SSL Certificates to enable SSL connections between agents from the Client to the Post Office.

By the time you complete this course you should be able to:
* Enable LDAP Authentication
* Generate a Certificate signing request
* Issue SSL Certificates to enable SSL connections between agents to the Post Office

The hands on in this session will have the student implementing a higher level of security than the already secure default settings. The labs are designed to work on either Linux or NetWare.

Prerequisites: This class is for designed for the experienced Novell GroupWise Administrator. The administrator should be familiar with security concepts.


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