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SUS15: LXC, Cgroups and Advanced Linux Container Technology – Lecture

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This module covers the Linux Kernel resource containment technology called “cgroups”, as well as LXC, thea Linux Container project, which utilizes both chroot jails and cgroups to create high-speed, sophisticated, containment environments.

Why would administrators care about LXC?  Because containers are the most efficient form of virtualization available today.  No hypervisor is required, yet virtualization can scale from individual application processes to entire service and desktop environments.

Come and see how to set up and start taking advantage of LXC in your own environment.
This module will cover the concepts and implementations of Linux system resource containment using Linux chroot jails, cgroups, & LXC.  LXC is included in SLES 11 SP2.

Prerequisites:  This is an advanced course that requires experience with the Linux environment and Linux chroot jails as well as familiarity with Linux scripts, executables and shared code libraries.


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