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ZEN15: Managing Macintosh OS-X with Novell ZENworks Configuration Management 11.2 – Lecture

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Over the last several years Macintosh OS-X devices have become extremely popular in both the enterprise and in academic institutions. ZENworks 11 SP2 provides you with a power set of capabilities for managing these devices as they appear in your environment. In this course you will learn what capabilities are available and how to use those capabilities to ensure that your users have a consistent experience when they are using Macintosh devices. This course includes information on:

* Installing the ZENworks Adaptive Agent
* Deploying software to Mac OS-X devices with ZENworks
* Determining what hardware and software is present on you Mac OS-X devices
* Remote managing your Mac OS-X devices from ZCC
* Using ZENworks Patch Management to identify and remediate patch vulnerabilities
* Using ZENworks Asset Management to ensure software compliance when Mac OS-X devices are present
* Assigning software to Users

This course is presented as a demonstration only course.

Prerequisites: An understanding of ZCM terminology and architecture. Experience using the ZENworks Control Center is recommended but not required.


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