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ZEN17: Novell ZENworks Reporting Server: Guided Tour and Introduction to Design Techniques – Lecture

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ZENworks Reporting Server represents the future for custom and predefined reporting for the Novell ZENworks family of products. Running on SAP’s Business Objects Enterprise engine, ZRS presents the ZENworks database through over 1,600 reporting objects that may be combined to create ad hoc custom reports. Reports may be saved for later use, including configuration of runtime parameters.

This session discusses the installation of ZENworks Reporting Server as part of ZENworks. After a tour of the ZRS Universe – the collection of objects from which reports are built – we’ll build some simple reports using data from various features of ZENworks. We’ll also examine features of Business Objects that allow simple reports to be manipulated into graphs and other presentation formats.

Prerequisites: Students must have an understanding ZCM terminology and architecture and have experience using the ZENworks Control Center.


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