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ZEN18: Novell ZENworks Asset Management: Why EVERY ZENworks Customer Should be Using It – Lecture

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ZENworks Asset Management has been part of the ZENworks family of products since 2005. In 2010, asset management is more important than ever, with benefits ranging from cost savings through software usage analysis and adjustments to purchasing behavior, to managing the threat of audits, and adherence to regulatory and corporate standards.

The session starts with an overview of software asset management and why it is important to any enterprise. We’ll look at the ZENworks inventory, with particular attention to analyzing your software inventory and adding local software signatures to fill any gaps. Software usage data from ZENworks Asset Management may be used to save money fast by looking at where software is being used – or, more importantly, isn’t being used – and making changes to purchasing practices. We’ll discuss license management features and how they can help you avoid an audit or be prepared to make the auditors go away fast and happy. Finally, document and contract management features can help you with record keeping and staying on top of lease and other renewal deadlines.

Prerequisites:  Students must have an understanding ZCM terminology and architecture and have experience using the ZENworks Control Center.


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