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NIQ19: Access Gateway for the Cloud – Lecture

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Secure Access Gateway for Cloud allows IT security to adopt an on-premise solution that resides within their control, makes use of existing security and compliance policy frameworks, yet is deployable in near on-demand fashion to provide the best of two worlds—lower expense, complexity, time, management, AND near immediate delivery of identity, access, and compliance for users working in the cloud.

Unlike other IAM solutions provided by vendors such as Oracle, CA, Microsoft, and IBM, Access Gateway for Cloud has unique capabilities that leverages existing enterprise identity and security policies to provide out of the box security and compliance capabilities such as full user provisioning, dynamic credentialing, privileged user management, Single Sign-On (SSO) and compliance reporting to SaaS services.
Because Novell Access Gateway for Cloud is delivered as a virtual appliance and has the ability to dynamically inject existing enterprise security and compliance policies into SaaS applications without having to install or modify the existing infrastructures, the virtual appliance can be fully functional in under two weeks of consulting and customer unique business integration.

Prerequisites:  Understanding of SAML and Cloud will be beneficial before attending this session.


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