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NIQ21: Understanding Roles Based Provisioning 4.01 Roles, Security and Resource Model – Lecture

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In this session we are going to look at the new security and resource model in Role Based Provisioning Module 3.7/4.01.  You will understand how the Role Based Provisioning Module (RBPM) provides a convenient way for end users to request the resources they need. This session will also focus on how administrators implement and configure  resources using entitlements and then binding them to roles. The features that we are going to review are the following:
* Roles
* The domain security model
* Security models fine grained permissions
* How to properly set your security model trustees
* Security model teams and delegated administration
* Resource Model using Entitlements

After you complete this session you will have better understanding on how to properly define permissions in the Role Based Provisioning Module (RBPM). We will also look at the current best practices around the trustee model so users aren’t getting access to critical operations.   This session consists of lecture and hands on portion.  In the hands on portion you will get a chance to review the concepts taught in this session.

Prerequisites: Some experience with the existing RBPM.


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