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NIQ23: Identity Manager: Entitlements from Creation to Implementation – Lecture

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Are you confused about all this Entitlement hoopla. Entitlement this and Entitlement that!  What is with all the Entitlement talk with Identity Manager over the past few years.  Entitlements are not going away and are being used more heavily.  This session will set you perfectly straight without confusion on how to effectively use Entitlements in your Identity Manager infrastructure.  This session consists of lecture and a hands on portion. In the hands on portion you will create an entitlement including defining the policies required to carry out the requirements of the entitlement. You then use the entitlement with the 3 agents (Entitlements Service Driver, User Application Provisioning Workflow, and RBPM Resource Model) available to you in Identity Manager and the Roles Based Provisioning Module to understand how they are applied.

Prerequisites: Experience with Identity Manager policies and Roles Based Provisioning workflows using Designer is recommended.


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