Novell Certified Linux Professional 11



A thorough understanding of the course and test objectives is recommended prior to taking the test. Novell-authorized training kits contain the material from which test objectives and test questions are taken. They are the best resources for test preparation.

Note: This test may cover objectives from the CLA 11 exam

  1. Configure NFS (Network File System)
  2. Configure Time on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11
  3. Enable the Extended Internet Daemon (xinetd)
  4. Enable an FTP Server
  5. Configure CUPS
  6. Manage Print Jobs and Queues
  7. Understand How CUPS Works
  8. Configure and Manage Print Server Access
  9. Use the Web Interface to Manage a CUPS Server
  10. Describe How LDAP Works
  11. Install and Configure OpenLDAP on SLES 11
  12. Add, Modify, and Delete Entries to the LDAP Directory Tree
  13. Describe the Role and Function of Samba
  14. Configure a Simple File Server with Samba
  15. Configure Samba Authentication
  16. Use Samba’s Client Tools
  17. Use Samba as a Domain Controller
  18. Integrate Samba into a Windows Domain
  19. Set Up a Basic Web Server with Apache
  20. Configure Virtual Hosts
  21. Limit Access to the Web Server
  22. Configure Apache with Open SSL
  23. Install PHP
  24. Understand IPv6 Theory
  25. Configure IPv6 on SLE 11
  26. Find Performance Bottlenecks
  27. Reduce System Memory and Load
  28. Optimize the Storage System
  29. Tune the Network Performance
  30. Understand BASH Basics
  31. Use Basic Script Elements
  32. Understand Variables and Command Substitution
  33. Use Control Structures
  34. Use Arithmetic Operators
  35. Understand How to Read User Input
  36. Understand How to Use Arrays
  37. Understand How to Keep Versions of Files
  38. Use Advanced Scripting Techniques
  39. Understand How to Use Useful Commands in Shell Scripts
  40. Understand How to Use AutoYaST
  41. Understand the Installation Server (Setup and Use)
  42. Set Up PXE Boot for Installations
  43. Create a Configuration File for AutoYaST
  44. Performa an Automated Installation
  45. Understand Virtualization with XEN Works
  46. Know How to Install Xen
  47. Manage Xen Domains with Virt-Manager
  48. Manager Xen Domains from the Command Line
  49. Understand Xen Networking

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