Novell Certified Administrator


  1. Understanding Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10
  2. Installing and Configuring Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10
  3. Describe Novell Open Enterprise Server 2
  4. Describe Novell eDirectory
  5. Manage eDirectory Rights
  6. Manage Users and Groups
  7. Introduction to Novell Collaboration Software
  8. Describe ZENworks Configuration Management
  9. Describe How Novell's Network Security Solutions Work
  10. Describe Novell Identity Manager 3
  11. Prepare SLES 10 for OES 2
  12. Install OES 2 for Linux
  13. Manage OES 2 for Linux Services
  14. Review Basic Novell eDirectory Concepts
  15. Understand General eDirectory Design Guidelines
  16. Understand Details of the Pyramid Tree Design
  17. Use iManager
  18. Import and Export LDIF Files
  19. Repair the eDirectory Tree
  20. Describe the Admin Object
  21. Create eDirectory Objects
  22. Disable and Delete eDirectory Objects
  23. Install the Novell Client
  24. Access eDirectory and Network Resources
  25. Set Client Properties
  26. Understand NCP Volumes
  27. Create NCP Volumes
  28. Manage Login Scripts
  29. Understand File System Rights
  30. Plan File System Rights
  31. Manage Trustees and File System Rights
  32. Manage Directory and File System Attributes
  33. Understand eDirectory rights and Trustees
  34. Understand eDirectory and Inheritance
  35. Understand How to Block Inherited Rights
  36. Determine Effective Rights
  37. Troubleshoot eDirectory Security
  38. Identify the Features of iPrint
  39. Manage Network Printing
  40. Configure the Novell iPrint Client
  41. Configure Novell DHCP Services
  42. Configure DNS Services

注意: 試験範囲は通知無く変更されることがあります。それに伴い日本語訳の試験用紙を貸与できない場合があります。

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