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Master License Agreement (MLA) Questions

MLA General Info

What is the initial entry level to the MLA Program?
US$1 million net to us would qualify the customer for the MLA Level 1 discount level. This includes Licenses, Maintenance, Services, Support, and all subsidiary purchases. Previous purchase history with us does not count toward the initial buy-in requirement.

What is the buy-in requirement for subsidiaries to a MLA contract?
US$5,000 net to us would allow the subsidiary to buy into the parent's MLA contract. Subsidiaries (children) wishing to purchase under a parent's MLA contract are required to sign a MLA Membership Form. Subsidiaries enjoy the same discount as the parent MLA contract.

What is the minimum buy-in requirement for Government or Health Care customers?
US$1 million net to us would qualify the customer for the MLA Level 1 discount level. This includes Licenses, Maintenance, Services, Support, and all subsidiary purchases. Previous purchase history with us does not count toward the initial buy-in requirement. Government and Health Care customers must meet all of the program requirements set forth in the MLA Contract, MLA Program Guide and any other current program documentation.

What is the term of the MLA?
The MLA contract is signed for a two-year term, renewable at the end of each term for another two years. This contract is called "Evergreen", meaning that it renews automatically at the end of each two-year period. Either of the parties (us or the customer) may terminate the contract at the end of the term.

Where can I verify contract information for my MLA?
Information on your MLA can be viewed here. Simply enter your seven-digit MLA number to access your agreement information. Customers may also call their reseller or contact the Contracts team.

How is a new MLA contract processed?
Two copies of the contract, signed in ink, and a copy of the purchase order for the original order should be sent to us at the address indicated on the contract. Upon receiving your agreement, we confirm the submitted contract is the latest version and verifies you have signed the contract and completed all customer fields. We also confirm that the reseller fulfilling your order is a valid MLA Software Services or Fulfillment Agent. Once all the information is verified, we countersign the contract and sends one copy of the original, signed agreement back to the customer. we also send notification via email to the customer and reseller of the acceptance of the contract. The customer's contract number will accompany this email notification.

How can a customer make changes to the MLA contract?
Although most sections of the MLA contract are non-negotiable, customers should submit requested changes to us at the return address listed on the agreement, or they may have their Account Manager or reseller submit the requested changes for them.

How can I contact Contracts Team?
Contact information can be found on the MLA Membership Form or here.

What forms are required to participate in the MLA program?
After signing the MLA contract, the process to complete the order is outlined here.

Where can I find the necessary forms to submit a new MLA contract?
All MLA forms are located on the Buying Programs site found here.

Ordering and Pricing

How do I determine pricing on MLA orders?
The customer can determine their price on the MLA by subtracting their MLA discount from the product list price located on our Corporate Price List. Additional Volume Price Discounts or promotions may apply.

Where can I find current pricing and part numbers?
Pricing and part numbers are located on our Corporate Price List. The Price List may be requested here.

When I order licenses, how do I obtain the free Electronic Software Media?
The order confirmation email contains both the license certificates and a link to the software download site.

MLA Resellers

What purchasing channels are available to MLA customers?
MLA customers have the option to purchase directly from us, through a Fulfillment Agent/Software Service Agent, or through a partner who purchases through a qualified distributor. Qualified distributors may participate as a Fulfillment Agent/Software Service Agent to sell to MLA customers.

To locate a Software Services Agent or Fulfillment Agent, you may use the Partner Locator online.

What is the purpose of a Fulfillment Agent/Software Services Agent?
The Fulfillment Agent or Software Services Agent takes care of invoicing, aggregating orders and providing accurate, coherent monthly reports to us, assisting customers with self-audits for locations where the partner is the named MLA Fulfillment Agent (where applicable), and providing general pre-sales and sales support activities.

How do I change my Fulfillment Agent or Software Services Agent?
MLA customers may change their MLA Software Services Agent/Fulfillment Agent at any time. No forms are required to make this change. Simply submit your order to any authorized MLA Software Services Agent/Fulfillment Agent.

MLA Maintenance

What is MLA Maintenance?
MLA Maintenance is required on all licenses. Maintenance is purchased on an annual basis, but may be pro-rated if products are purchased mid-term.

What is included in MLA Maintenance?
Priority Maintenance is required on all licenses owned under the MLA agreement. For details on what Priority Maintenance entitles your to, please visit here.

How are the dates of Maintenance determined?
MLA Maintenance follows the term dates of the contract. Maintenance is purchased on an annual basis, but may be pro-rated if products are purchased mid-term. For example, an MLA customer who purchases OES Licenses at the beginning of the MLA term may decide to purchase more OES licenses during the first Annual Period. For the licenses purchased mid-term, we will pro-rate the cost of the Maintenance to the number of months remaining in the Annual Period.

How is the Maintenance fee calculated?
The Maintenance fee indicated on the price list is for a full year of Maintenance. If a customer needs to pro-rate their maintenance fee they may do so by dividing the annual maintenance fee by 12 and multiply by the number of months remaining in their contract annual period. When purchasing new licenses and corresponding maintenance, we calculate the fee beginning on the first day of the month following the month of purchase. For example, if a customer has a contract term date of July but purchases new licenses in April, the Maintenance fee would be calculated from May 1 through the end of July, for a total coverage period of 3 months. Although coverage actually begins on the date the order is placed with us, the fee is calculated as explained here.

When do I purchase Maintenance?
MLA Maintenance is a required purchase at the time new licenses are purchased. If customers own an older version of the product, Maintenance may be added after first purchasing an upgrade license.

Where can I see what Technical Support I am entitled to as a result of my maintenance payment?
Priority Maintenance entitles the customer to product specific support 24 hours a day x 7 days a week. Customer is also entitled to buy add-on support via Ala Carte MLA Support options.

Can I purchase multiple years of Maintenance?
Yes, we offer part numbers for Maintenance in 1-Yr and 3-Yr increments. Cost benefits apply to longer durations. To purchase Maintenance for longer than three years, please talk to your Account Manager or Partner.

What is Price Protection?
Prices are protected at start of the MLA contract term, and will remain fixed at that price for the duration of that term (typical term lasting 2 years). If the list price decreases during the fixed contract term, customers may purchase at the decreased price. If the list price increases during the fixed term, customers may continue purchasing at the lower priced fixed at the time the term started. Every time the customer starts a new term (usually every two years), the prices reset to the then-current price.

What is covered under Price Protection?
Only New licenses, Upgrade licenses and Maintenance fees are covered under price protection. Promotional pricing and exceptions are not protected under price protection.

Changing Program Levels

How do I change my MLA Level?
MLA Levels 1, 2 and 3 are available. we will review each MLA customer's annual spend prior to their term renewal. If MLA spend exceeds their current discount level requirement, the discount will be reset to the higher discount band level. If MLA spend does not meet their current band level requirement, their discount band level may be reset to the lower discount band level they now their spend qualifies them for. MLA customers must maintain at least a Level 1 qualifying annual spend of $1 million to remain on the MLA program.

Do I need to sign a new contract when my MLA Discount Level changes?
No, a new contract is not required.

MLA Renewals

When will these policies take effect?
These policies will become effective on 2 February 2010.

How will Master License Agreement (MLA) customers be affected?
For MLA customers, maintenance and SUSE Linux subscription service renewals are contractually required under the MLA program and may not be discontinued. Software subscription license renewals are not contractually required and may be discontinued if we are notified 30 days prior to their Annual Period renewal date of their intent to discontinue. If written notice is not received from the MLA customer as outlined, we or a partner may assume the customer wishes to continue their services and invoice the customer for their software subscription renewal.

What is automatic renewal?
To ensure you do not experience any unintentional lapses in coverage, your Maintenance, software subscription licenses, and SUSE Linux subscription services will automatically renew.

How do I cancel my automatic renewal?
If you do not wish to renew your maintenance, software subscription licenses, or SUSE Linux subscription services, simply notify us either by email in writing or by email 30 days prior to your Annual Period renewal date. Please not that MLA maintenance and SUSE Linux subscription service renewals are contractually required under the MLA program and may not be discontinued.

  • Email: Pricing
  • Mailing Addresses:

    For North America, Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific
    Novell, Inc. Attn: Contracts & Negotiations, 1800 South Novell Place, M/S PRV-H-544, Provo, UT 84606.

    For Europe, Middle East, Africa: Novell Ireland
    Novell Ireland. Attn: Contract Administration, Corrig Court, Corrig Road, Sandyford Business Estate, Sandyford, Dublin 18 Ireland.

Will I be invoiced if I do not cancel my automatic renewal?
If we have not received written notice that you do not wish to renew, we or a partner may assume you wish to continue and may invoice you for the maintenance or subscription renewal.

When are purchase orders due?
Purchase orders are due 5 days prior to your Annual Period renewal date.

Will a fee be added it late orders?
If you do not submit a renewal purchase order to us or a partner by the due date, and you have not sent us a notice of your intent to discontinue 30 days prior, you will incur an administration fee which we or the partner will add to your invoice. The administration fee may be as much as 10 percent of your renewal order value.

How will the customer know when it's time to renew?
we or a partner will send a renewal notification to you well in advance of your renewal due date.

Who do I place my order through?
If you are a Master License Agreement (MLA) customer, you may place your order through any qualified MLA Fulfillment Agent, or directly through us.

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