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Software Subscription Licenses

We are pleased to announce the availability of Software Subscription licenses for Volume License Agreement (VLA) and Master License Agreement (MLA) customers worldwide, effective September 4, 2009. Subscription licenses are provided as an alternative to most existing perpetual license offerings, (some product exceptions apply). These licenses offer simplified customer budget planning, consistent annual payments, and lower initial software adoption costs. VLA and MLA standard program discounts and policies apply to subscription license orders. Additionally, VLA and MLA transaction-based volume discounts may also apply. To order, simply select subscription licenses part numbers on our Corporate Price List.

Subscription or Perpetual Selection Policy

VLA and MLA customers may now choose between subscription or perpetual, for licenses which were previously exclusively perpetual. All licenses for a particular product must be either all subscription, or all perpetual. Customers who have already purchased perpetual licenses for a particular product will continue purchasing perpetual licenses when adding incremental licenses.

No perpetual license vesting or credits will be accumulated with the purchase of subscription licenses. If at any time a customer desires to move from subscription licenses to perpetual licenses, the customer must pay the full perpetual license fee. Subscription license use rights will expire at the end of the applicable subscription period if the subscription is not renewed.

This does not apply to nor change our existing maintenance-only offerings, such as the SUSE Linux Enterprise product line. Our products that do not require upfront license fees will continue to be maintenance-only offerings.

Subscription License + Priority Maintenance

Subscription licenses are sold exclusively as a combined offering with 1-year Priority Maintenance. If the customer desires to purchase multiple years of subscription upfront, 1-year part numbers may be added to the order to total the number of years needed.

Available To

  • MLA
  • VLA
  • VLA for Education
  • VLA for Government
  • VLA for Non-Profit

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