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Novell Introduces Stronger Means of Managing Enterprise Security

Novell, Inc. today announced new directory-enabled Net security software for managing user authentication to network resources.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (RSA Security Conference) | January 18, 2000

  • New Net Services Offering, the Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS) Delivers Single Point of Management for New Class of Biometric and Strong Authentication Devices
  • 15 Key Security Partners Announce Support for NMAS
  • NMAS Starter Pack Now Available Free on Web

Novell, Inc. today announced new directory-enabled Net security software for managing user authentication to network resources. The Novell Modular Authentication Service (NMAS) leverages NDS eDirectory to provide a single point of administration and management for an expanded set of authentication methods to business network resources. For enterprises using NDS that require the strongest forms of authentication security, Novell Modular Authentication Service simplifies the integration of the variety of authentication solutions currently available.

Authentication is the process by which users prove who they are as they log in to a network. While password authentication combined with sound password policy measures has traditionally been accepted as a sufficient authentication method in business networks, the e-business explosion has caused many businesses to reexamine their network security and in particular, how users authenticate to the network. Many businesses are now expanding their network authentication requirements beyond traditional password authentication to support advanced strong authentication methods such as smart cards, physical tokens, or biometrics.

"As companies increasingly rely on the Net for e-business the need for secure authentication is paramount," said Patrick Harr, director of product management, Novell Inc. "Security is evolving from providing something you know, such as a password, to something that you are, such as biometrics, or something you have, in the case of tokens and smart cards. Being able to support and manage all of these new security devices in a single place with NMAS demonstrates the value of NDS eDirectory for managing access to your network services, data and information."

Key Industry Vendors Announce Support for NMAS

Fifteen top security companies also announced support today for the Novell Modular Authentication Service. Biometric, smart card, and token vendors alike announced that their specific authentication solutions would support NMAS, including ActivCard, Arcot Systems, Biometric Access Corporation, Compaq Computer Corporation, Datakey, Dialog Communication Systems (DCS), Gemplus, Identix, Keyware Technologies, Protocom, RSA Security, SAFLINK, Schlumberger, Secure Computing, and VASCO Data Security. Please see for more information.

Novell Modular Authentication Service

[NE1] NMAS is a unique framework that allows users to authenticate using different and multiple NDS authentication methods and thus provide flexibility and advanced security in a network environment. With native integration with NDS for ease of use NMAS provides support of all authentication types (face, finger, voice, signature, iris, tokens, smart cards, and passwords) and delivers the ability to dynamically assign authentication policies to users, groups, applications and access methods. Novell Modular Authentication Service will be delivered in two forms:

  • NMAS Starter Pack - which provides a single point of administration and supports an expanded set of network authentication methods in NDS. NMAS Starter Pack allows for any provided single form of user login method. This means that NDS users can now authenticate using either a smart card, physical token, biometric, X.509 certificate, or various forms of passwords.
  • NMAS Enterprise Edition - (which includes the NMAS Starter Pack) provides a single, cost-effective point of administration for managing, grading, and accessing an expanded set of network authentication methods in NDS. Additionally, the NMAS Enterprise Edition includes:
    • Multi-factor Authentication - which provides greater network security by allowing the administrator to set up users to log in following a sequence of authentication requirements (for example, requiring a user to provide a fingerprint and insert a smart card).
    • "Graded Authentication" - which delivers greater network security by allowing the administrator to establish grades among the different authentication methods and then grant NDS partition or volume access based on authentication methods used. "Graded Authentication" assures that only users completing all required authentication methods in a login sequence are able to access confidential or sensitive information.

Pricing and Availability

Licenses for the Novell Modular Authentication Service Starter Pack will be available for free via download from the Web beginning January 18. Please visit to get started. Licenses for the Novell Modular Authentication Service Enterprise Edition begin at $995 for a server plus 5 users and will be available for order at the end of March from Novell channel partners or via shopnovell at

Novell Modular Authentication Service and Novell Consulting Services

Novell Consulting Services' Rapid Deployment program reduces customers' deployment time by 30 to 50 percent. Networking consulting experts will design, plan, pilot and rapidly deploy Novell Modular Authentication Service and other customized solutions based on NDS in a customer environment, thus providing immediate business benefits and a competitive advantage from this technology. This Rapid Deployment Solution is implemented quickly and optimally the first time, allowing users and network administrators to immediately become more productive. To order Rapid Deployment Solutions, select "Engage Consulting" at the Novell Consulting Web site

About Novell

Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVL), is the world's leader in supplying Net Services Software that empowers organizations to tame the explosive demands of e-business and profit from the limitless opportunities of the digital economy. Novell's worldwide channel, consulting, developer, education and technical support programs are the most extensive in the network computing industry.

Net Services Software is a category of software that provides universal resources and new capabilities to networks of all types - intranets, the Internet and extranets - across all leading operating systems. Net services include security, authentication, access, directory, identity, personalization, file, print, management, performance, integration and application services.

For information on Novell's complete range of products and services, contact Novell's Customer Response Center at (888) 321-4CRC (4272), or visit Novell's Web site Press may access Novell announcements and company information on the World Wide Web In addition, detailed comparisons between Novell products and competitive offerings from other vendors are available on the Web at

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