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Today, during Novell's 16th annual BrainShare conference, the company announced new products and services that support its Net services strategy of securing and powering Net-based business.

SALT LAKE CITY (BrainShare 2000) | March 27, 2000

Today, during Novell's 16th annual BrainShare conference, the company announced new products and services that support its Net services strategy of securing and powering Net-based business.

The announcements include:

"Novell Announces Blueprint for Net Economy Software"

  • During the opening day of Novell's annual BrainShare conference for customers, partners and developers, the company unveiled a comprehensive new architecture that delivers on its recently announced Net services software strategy of securing and powering Net-based business.
  • All Novell products will now be mapped against a new architectural model, code-named DENIM(SM) (Directory-enabled Net Infrastructure Model), that focuses on a customer-centric framework for deploying directory-enabled products and services that will allow organizations to simplify, secure and accelerate eBusiness environments.
  • The DENIM model is designed to serve three critical areas of Net service: Net Management Services, including Net management, security and policy management; Net Content Services, including publishing, storage and delivery services; Net Portal Services, including integration, identity and knowledge services.

"Novell Announces Open Beta of DirXML Technology Links and Manages Business Critical Data Across One Net"

  • Novell today announced the open beta availability for the DirXML technology, enabling organizations to easily link and manage user profiles across divergent platforms and networks.
  • As a result, organizations can reduce network management and administration costs while helping build and maintain loyalty among business clients and partners by simplifying management of common data.
  • DirXML is the first directory-based technology that not only brings all data together, but also controls information with the individual departments that own the data, enabling organizations to distribute data ownership while centralizing information availability.

"Novell Announces Immediate Availability of Enterprise-Ready Product, instantme; Free Instant Messaging Client Lets Users Communicate in Real-Time on the Net"

  • Targeted at businesses, instantme extends the users' ability to communicate in real-time with partners, suppliers and customers as well as take part in private conversations that demand quick response.
  • Available free to Internet users, instantme leverages the power of Novell's NDS eDirectory and digitalme identity services platform, providing a highly secure and scalable foundation for delivering instant messaging functionality that is business-ready.
  • instantme extends instant messaging inside the enterprise, providing a much-needed medium for quick, perishable responses, such as those requesting time-sensitive coordination or short-fuse decisions.

"Novell to Offer Messaging for the Solaris and Linux Platforms"

  • The Novell Internet Messaging System (NIMS) has now been extended into the Solaris and Linux markets in order to address the growing demand for messaging services that secure, simplify and accelerate eBusiness environments.
  • NIMS is a cost-effective, cross-platform messaging service for centrally managing millions, or even billions, of user accounts regardless of hardware infrastructure.
  • Leveraging Novell's NDS eDirectory, the acknowledged industry leader in large-scale, ultra-secure directory services, NIMS provides a high-performance hosted e-mail service that is ideal for service providers that want to deliver reliable service at lower costs.
  • Novell also announced that the next version of its advanced knowledge platform scheduled to ship by the end of this year, GroupWise (code-named BulletProof), will run natively on both Solaris and Linux.

"Novell GroupWise Goes Wireless"

  • Novell announced the public beta availability of wireless access to Novell GroupWise via AT&T PocketNet service for business customers.
  • GroupWise, Novell's premier knowledge platform and a key component in the new DENIM Net Portal Sevices strategy, will now deliver a wide array of Net services software, including messaging, calendaring and workflow, through AT&T PocketNet service.
  • The GroupWise Web client, WebAccess, is based solely on Internet standards, extending the functionality of GroupWise across all types of networks and all leading operating systems.

"Novell Announces ZENworks Product Bundles; New Pricing/Packaging Provides Higher Value to Customers"

  • Scheduled for release in the next 30 days, the three new ZENworks(tm) bundles offer customers purchasing multiple products significant pricing discounts as they move their businesses to the Net.
  • Novell's ZENworks product bundles give customers a streamlined pricing model that simplifies ordering and licensing, and the discounts provide customers with increased value.
  • ZENworks balances the customer's need to control IT resources, user and IT staff efficiencies, and management costs, enabling them to personalize business processes to employees, customers and partners.
  • Novell is offering the ZENworks product bundles as part of its Net Management Services strategy. The product bundle content and pricing is as follows:
  • ZENworks for Desktops and NetWare 5.1 are bundled in a single server, five-user configuration for $760. Additional user licenses are available starting at $92.
  • ZENworks for Servers and ZENworks for Desktops and ManageWise 2.7 are available together for $110 per user.
  • ZENworks for Servers, ZENworks for Desktops, ZENworks for Networks, and ManageWise 2.7 are available together for $150 per user.

"Novell Announces NetWare Promotions and Milestones at BrainShare 2000"

  • Novell today with Compaq, Oracle and Intel, announced NetWare 5.1 and Modesto partnership and technology updates that fit within the DENIM architecture and underscore Novell's pledge to deliver Net services software across one Net environments.
  • To simplify and accelerate deployments of NetWare 5.1, Novell announced a new upgrade campaign with Compaq that enables its customers to take advantage of Web-based applications, NDS eDirectory and provides easier access to business networking resources through the Web.
  • Novell is also showcasing the scalability of NetWare 5.1 using an eight-processor, Intel-based Compaq server running Oracle8i, demonstrating that NetWare customers can handle the most demanding database-intensive tasks.
  • Novell and Intel are showcasing three demonstrations of Modesto, Novell's 64-bit initiative, that take advantage of Intel's upcoming 64-bit Itanium processor.

"Novell and Industry Partners Showcase Net Services Software at BrainShare 2000"

  • An impressive array of new technology from Novell and its industry partners will be displayed at the BrainShare Technology Lab, known in the industry as the central meeting place to see and discuss the most innovative networking and Internet technologies. Highlights from the Lab will include:
  • Net Services Console, Novell's commitment to delivering open administration solutions. One of Novell's latest solutions is Novell Open Administration Host (NOAH), a 100% Java-based administration utility that will run on any Java-compliant server.
  • Code-named Aquarium, this next-generation file services software will be delivered to customers as packaged software, through an appliance, or as a hosted service. Aquarium brings together technologies from recently acquired JustOn and PGSoft, and delivers file sharing, synchronization and storage services on the Net.
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) is a plug and play storage appliance that reduces the management costs for mixed networks by simplifying and consolidating storage for any platform. IBM will demonstrate technology integration with Novell's NAS appliance.

"Novell Industry Partners Showcase Directory Applications at BrainShare"

  • More than 80 key industry partners will be demonstrating innovative directory-enabled products and technologies at BrainShare.
  • Executives from Compaq, IBM, Intel, Lucent and Sun will speak at the conference and represent a directory-enabled Net economy with an estimated value of over $20 billion.
  • Key speakers at BrainShare 2000 include Novell Chairman and CEO Eric Schmidt; Compaq President and CEO Michael Capellas; Jocelyn Attal, vice president of software at IBM; John Davies, vice president of e-Business marketing at Intel; Ashton Peery, vice president of corporate strategy and development at Lucent Technologies; and Greg Papadapolous, CTO at Sun Microsystems.
  • Industry vendors and sponsors include a cross-section of companies that support Novell's directory-enabled view of the networked economy. Sponsors include: Caldera Systems, Compaq, Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Sun Microsystems and Whittman-Hart.

Other Novell announcements include:

    SureStart for NetWare 5.1 To help customers upgrade to NetWare 5.1 from previous versions, Novell is offering a comprehensive services package called SureStart for NetWare 5.1. SureStart provides a combination of consulting, education and technical support to help customers upgrade with a minimum investment in time, resources and money.

    Drawing on extensive experience in helping customers make the smooth transition to the newest version of NetWare, Novell's SureStart provides needs assessment and upgrade planning from Novell Consulting. It also provides training from Novell Education and support from Novell Technical Services to make sure systems continue to operate efficiently.

    For more information about Novell SureStart for NetWare 5.1, visit

    DeveloperNet Novell is introducing important enhancements to its DeveloperNet program to ensure that developers have easy access to the latest advancements in Novell's Net services software. Through DeveloperNet, developers can create solutions that can quickly and dramatically improve their companies and their customers' companies.

    With more than 100,000 members worldwide - including software developers programming applications in Java and C/C++, Webmasters writing scripts and engineers building hardware drivers - DeveloperNet is an invaluable resource to Novell developers. The program includes Novell products, tools such as the Novell Developer Kit (NDK), support, access to Novell Developer Labs, advanced training and marketing assistance. The program's five membership levels range from no-charge online access to full service, enabling members to deliver secure, scalable and directory-enabled business-to-business and e-commerce solutions quickly and economically. In addition, Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Windows, Professional Edition is available to DeveloperNet members as part of the higher membership levels.

    More details about Novell's DeveloperNet program can be found at

    infowise Novell announced the availability of Metastorm's infowise, an innovative knowledge management product for Novell GroupWise. Based on Intel's Automatic Organizer software, infowise gives GroupWise users a powerful way to capture and utilize knowledge buried in e-mail messages, attachments, folders, appointments, tasks and notes. It is a powerful tool for simplifying information management on the Net. A key component in the new DENIM Business Portal Services strategy, GroupWise uses the power of third-party applications like infowise to give GroupWise users access to relevant information anytime and anywhere.

    Unlike time-consuming keyword searches, infowise performs a search of all the messages and attachments in a user's GroupWise mailbox based solely on a simple selection of existing messages that are related to topic at hand. By "learning" from the user's selections and gathering related data from both existing and future messages infowise helps GroupWise users quickly assemble relevant information to solve a problem, complete a task or answer a question. Metastorm will be demonstrating infowise Personal Edition this week during BrainShare 2000. The product is available today as a download from the Metastorm Web site ( or by going to The infowise Enterprise Edition will be released soon. Beyond assisting individual users, the Enterprise Edition will allow those users to collaborate with others by sharing infowise knowledge across the enterprise.

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