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Novell Announces NetWare Promotions and Milestones at BrainShare 2000

Novell, Inc., today with Compaq, Oracle and Intel, announced NetWare 5.1 and Modesto partnership and technology updates that fit within the DENIM[SM] architecture and underscore Novell's pledge to deliver Net services software across one Net environments.

SALT LAKE CITY (BrainShare 2000) | March 27, 2000

  • Compaq offers exclusive NetWare 5.1 upgrade program
  • Novell and Intel demonstrate Modesto technologies running on Itanium( processor-based server
  • Intel and Compaq demonstrate Oracle8i and NetWare 5.1 on 8-way Xeon(tm) server


Novell, Inc., today with Compaq, Oracle and Intel, announced NetWare 5.1 and Modesto partnership and technology updates that fit within the DENIM[SM] architecture and underscore Novell's pledge to deliver Net services software across one Net environments. To simplify and accelerate deployments of NetWare 5.1, Novell today announced a new upgrade campaign with Compaq that enables customers to transition easily from previous versions of NetWare to the eBusiness-enhanced capabilities of NetWare 5.1. Novell is also showcasing the scalability of NetWare 5.1 using an Intel-based Compaq 8-way server featuring the Xeon processor running Oracle8I, demonstrating that NetWare customers can handle the most demanding database intensive tasks.

In addition, Novell and Intel are showcasing three demonstrations of Modesto, Novell's technology that takes advantage of Intel's upcoming Itanium processor, the first in the IA-64 processor family. Novell will be demonstrating its Novell Internet Caching System, NetWare Management Portal and Java Web server all Net Management Services that will immediately benefit customers with the more scalable IA-64 processing environment that future Net infrastructures will demand.

"Our direction with NetWare will help customers take advantage of Net Management Services and allow them to simplify, secure and accelerate their eBusiness environments," said Dave Shirk, senior vice president of product management at Novell. "Novell is preparing the directory-enabled Net infrastructure today with NetWare 5.1 and our future 64-bit Net software services that the market will demand tomorrow."

Net Management Services from Novell

  • Compaq Upgrade to NetWare 5.1 Program Compaq has developed a NetWare Upgrade Program and is working with Novell, as the exclusive preferred partner, to help NetWare 3 customers upgrade seamlessly to NetWare 5.1. This relationship reflects Compaq's expertise and depth of knowledge with the NetWare environment.

    NetWare 3 customers in the United States can buy the Upgrade to NetWare 5.1 pre-loaded on a Compaq ProLiant Server, and if they upgrade 15 or more users they will get an additional 10 users free. Small business customers who have 50 users or less can buy the Upgrade to Novell Small Business Suite 5 and get a fully integrated small business solution, including GroupWise®, anti-virus software, Internet services and more.

    These offers are available today directly from Compaq via Customers who need assistance migrating their systems can take advantage of the Compaq NetWare Migration Planner at this on-line tool provides detailed assistance and planning guidelines for NetWare 5 installations. Further assistance for solution sets for NetWare 5, NDS eDirectory and GroupWise are available on-line at

    "Everyone is moving to a new Internet world, a new economy," said Shirk. "NetWare 3 has been a great product, but our customers can't grow their businesses to take advantage of this new economy on NetWare 3, so we're offering a good set of tools to help customers move forward with NetWare 5.1. Compaq's NetWare Upgrade Promotion is a great way to make this smooth transition to NetWare 5.1."

  • Novell and Intel Further Modesto on IA-64 Novell this week is also showcasing Modesto, Novell's technology, optimized for IA-64. The demo will be running on Intel's Itanium processor, the first processor in Intel's forthcoming IA-64 processor family that will be in production in the middle of this year. Modesto running on the Itanium processor will provide customers with the necessary Net infrastructure to take advantage of future eBusiness opportunities. Novell will be showing three demos of Modesto: Novell Internet Caching System, Portal and Java Web server running on Novell's Java Virtual Machine.

    "Intel's Itanium processor will be the scalable and reliable engine inside the Internet economy," said Michael Pope, director of Intel's Enterprise Software Programs. "The combination of the Itanium processor, together with Modesto technologies will provide a solid foundation for accelerating eBusiness on the Web, thereby extending Novell's Net services software to new levels of performance and scalability."

    Novell is also working on the port of additional Net services software such as NDS eDirectory to IA-64 to enable faster and more manageable eBusiness while taking advantage of the scalable processing power of the IA-64 architecture.

  • Intel and Compaq Demonstrate 8-Way Servers Running Oracle8i on NetWare 5.1 At BrainShare this week, Intel and Compaq are demonstrating the scalability of Intel-based servers by running Oracle8i on a NetWare 5.1 server, taking advantage of the computing power of eight Intel Pentium III Xeon processors. The Oracle8i demo on a Compaq Proliant 8500 Intel-based server showcases that NetWare 5.1 can handle extremely heavy workloads while maintaining the scalability, performance and reliability necessary for the most demanding database intensive scenarios in the industry today.

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