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Novell Internet Caching System Takes Top Honors in Competitive IRCache Web Cache Bake-off

Novell, Inc. today announced that the Novell Internet Caching System (ICS), the industry's leading Web cache technology, received top honors in the second independent IRCache Web Cache Bake-off by achieving the highest performance and scalability levels ever obtained at a bake-off.

PROVO, Utah | March 8, 2000

  • Independent Benchmark Results Demonstrate ICS-based Caching Appliances Lead in Performance and Scalability, Speed and Overall Value
  • ICS Appliances Achieved Nine of the Top 10 Price Performance Scores, Proving to be The Best Buy
  • ICS Appliances Delivered Lightning Fast Speed

Novell, Inc. today announced that the Novell Internet Caching System (ICS), the industry's leading Web cache technology, received top honors in the second independent IRCache Web Cache Bake-off by achieving the highest performance and scalability levels ever obtained at a bake-off. These results are based on a comprehensive Web Polygraph benchmark released by IRCache following their second Web Cache Bake-Off, which took place January 17 -31. Demonstrating its market leadership in performance and scalability, speed and overall value, Novell ICS appliances achieved nine of the top 10 price performance scores. Overall, the top rated Novell ICS appliances were represented by world-leading caching suppliers Compaq, Dell, IBM, Microbits, OCD, Pionex, and Quantex in a field of 22 competing entries.

"The competitive bake-off results validate Novell's leadership position in the caching market, and prove ICS allows organizations to more effectively respond to the growing Internet needs of their customers and employees better than any other solution on the market," said Dave Shirk, senior vice president of product management at Novell. "The incredible growth of the Internet is causing companies to look at scalable caching solutions rather than increase the size of their Web servers or purchase additional bandwidth. Novell's high-efficiency cache appliance is an ideal solution for these type of issues."

Cache appliances based on Novell's Internet Caching System accelerate nearly every aspect of Web performance across all types of networks and all leading operating systems, including e-business transactions. Dramatic improvements in response times and lowered network costs are hallmark benefits of the Web caching phenomenon. Collaborative Research, publishers of the 1998 Internet Caching Report, estimates the caching market will reach $2 billion by the year 2002, with caching appliances representing 80 percent of that market.

Novell ICS Achieves Best Price Performance

Novell ICS appliances achieved nine of the top 10 price performance rates, demonstrating that ICS continues to deliver blazing fast Web performance, while offering the most affordable Web cache solution on the market. The high-end ICS appliance offering from Compaq, TaskSmart C-Series server, received the top performance result ever achieved with a benchmark of 2400 requests/second. ICS demonstrated its flexibility by delivering superior price performance at both the low- and high-end. For example, Microbits' ICS appliance was the lowest-cost entrant and edged out Squid (freeware) for the first time. At the high-end, Compaq's first place entry ($39,500) was less than one-third the cost of the bake-off's second-place performance entry by Cisco ($127,000). ICS appliances on average had two to three times better price performance ratios than standard non-ICS based products.

In addition, Novell ICS appliances achieved 7 of the top 9 response scores, which is the speed as measured by the time it takes to respond to an Internet request. OCD's Stratacache, based on ICS, achieved the fastest response time of .04 seconds.

"We recognize that response time is the measurement that tells you how long your customer has to wait — obviously the lower the better. In order to remain competitive, we need to provide our customers the best experience possible," said Chris Riegel, president of OCD. "Stratacache based on Novell ICS clearly delivers phenomenal speeds that will help enrich the customer's Internet experience."

Web Performance Measurement

IRCache developed this web performance caching benchmark to provide the industry with a standard way to compare competitive cache solutions. Details on the Second IRCache Web Cache Bake-off, raw data and independent analysis can be found at

About Novell Internet Caching System

The Novell Internet Caching System (ICS) is sold as an Intel-based solution appliance from OEM partners including Compaq, Dell, IBM and others. The Novell ICS is a high-performance foundation that enables customers to take advantage of new value-added services like multimedia, filtering and personalization services. ICS dramatically improves the speed and efficiency of delivering Internet content to employees, business partners and customers within business networks as well as across the Internet. Delivering unmatched throughput, scalability, and price/performance, ICS can be installed within 10 minutes to support any Web environment whether Cisco*, Linux*, NetWare, Windows NT*, Solaris* or other versions of UNIX*. Novell ICS appliances scale from branch office requirements to those of the largest ISPs. Please visit for more information.

About Novell

Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ:NOVL), is a leading provider of Net services software that delivers services to secure and power all types of networks the Internet, intranets, and extranets; wired to wireless; corporate and public across leading operating systems. Novell's Net services software provides the foundation for one Net a single global network that supports new applications and forms of business. Net Services software gives IT organizations a way to adapt and accelerate their transformation to e-business, simplify the management and control of all networks, create a secure foundation for doing business on the Net, and help deliver a consistent and high-quality experience to end users in all locations. Worldwide channel, consulting, education and technical support programs, along with strategic alliances, combine Novell Net services software with third-party products and services to form complete Net solutions.

For information on Novell's complete range of products and services, contact Novell's Customer Response Center at (888) 321-4CRC (4272), or visit Novell's Web site at Press may access Novell announcements and company information on the World Wide Web at In addition, detailed comparisons between Novell products and competitive offerings from other vendors are available on the Web at

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