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Novell Net Services Software Key to New CMGI Internet Venture

Next generation Internet Operating Network to leverage Novell Directory, Caching, Protocol and Net Services

Provo, Utah | April 11, 2000

Novell Inc., a leading provider of Net services software, today announced that its directory, caching and protocol Net services will contribute to a next generation Internet Operating Network (or ION) being built by CMGion a company, co-founded by CMGI, Novell and Sun Microsystems. CMGion intends to offer a unified global Internet-based network service for more efficient delivery of hosting, caching, applications and content by corporate Web sites, service providers and proprietary networks.

Novell's directory, caching and protocol services based upon Novell's recently announced directory-enabled Net infrastructure model (DENIM) will provide the necessary software infrastructure for the new Internet Operating Network and make possible profile-based services that personalize Internet usage. The DENIM model focuses on a customer-centric framework for deploying directory-enabled products and services from both Novell and its industry partners.

Products and services in the DENIM model allow organizations to simplify, secure and accelerate their eBusiness environments. The power of Novell's Internet Caching Services (ICS) to accelerate web page delivery and improve web performance combined with Novell's eDirectory and CMGI technologies, like Engage, to create a personalized user experience, establish new value points in the network. CMGion will combine Novell's strength and growing role as Net software infrastructure provider with CMGI's strength in Internet services and together "mine the flow" of Internet traffic at the network level, augmenting server, or user-level profiling.

Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO of Novell, Inc., said, "This venture is significant in that it not only validates Novell's vision of 'one Net,' but it also demonstrates the value and architectural approach of our DENIM-based Net services software in a pure Internet environment. The use of common, open protocols, caching and services is creating an Internet operating system, and with it a whole new value point independent of traditional clients."

David Wetherell, CMGI chairman and CEO said, "CMGI has always been a pioneer in simplifying the Net experience for corporate and individual users. These universal Net services from Novell used in tandem with technology from our other leading partners form the foundation for CMGion's next-generation Internet technology platform."

CMGI, Inc. has teamed with Novell and Sun to form CMGion. Each partner has agreed to invest $20 million in the new venture. Novell will collaborate with CMGion to deploy the core software infrastructure for the new network on Novell eDirectory, ICS protocol and Net Services.

CMGion network participants will gain a unified global network of profile-based services optimal user/site profiling and accelerated delivery of Net content including standard, static information as well as dynamic, in-demand multimedia (audio/video) data types. With profile data maintained in Novell's eDirectory, CMGion participants will better understand network activity, usage habits and traffic patterns, which can then be applied to network architecture and design, resulting in cost efficiencies and a better Web experience for users. Novell's Net services secures and powers all types of networks whether Internet, intranets, and extranets, wired to wireless, corporate and public as one Net, across all leading operating environments,

About Novell

Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ:NOVL), is a leading provider of Net services software that delivers services to secure and power all types of networks the Internet, intranets, and extranets; wired to wireless; corporate and public across leading operating systems. Novell's Net services software provides the foundation for one Net a single global network that supports new applications and forms of business. Net Services software gives IT organizations a way to adapt and accelerate their transformation to e-business, simplify the management and control of all networks, create a secure foundation for doing business on the Net, and help deliver a consistent and high-quality experience to end users in all locations. Worldwide channel, consulting, education and technical support programs, along with strategic alliances, combine Novell Net services software with third-party products and services to form complete Net solutions.

For information on Novell's complete range of products and services, contact Novell's Customer Response Center at (888) 321-4CRC (4272), or visit Novell's Web site at Press may access Novell announcements and company information on the World Wide Web at In addition, detailed comparisons between Novell products and competitive offerings from other vendors are available on the Web at

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