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Cambridge Technology Partners Helps University of Wisconsin Balance the Books Faster, More Accurately

Cambridge Technology Partners, the global eServices division of Novell, Inc., today announced it has helped implement a new financial system for the University of Wisconsin (UW) System to improve efficiencies, enhance reporting capabilities, and lower costs.

PROVO, Utah | November 8, 2001

  • Novell's eServices division helps unify UW System's financial accounting and reporting across multiple campuses
  • Faster information gathering, reduced errors drive efficiencies and reduce costs

Cambridge Technology Partners, the global eServices division of Novell, Inc., today announced it has helped implement a new financial system for the University of Wisconsin (UW) System to improve efficiencies, enhance reporting capabilities, and lower costs. With the help of Cambridge, the UW System has successfully implemented core PeopleSoft* Financial modules across its multiple campuses, eliminating costly redundant data entry and administrative processes. Twenty-one colleges and universities, the statewide Extension system, and UW System Administration are now all using the core group of financial programs. Cambridge's expertise in both the higher education sector and in financial processes were key to developing a comprehensive approach to financial management for the UW System, saving taxpayer money and improving services for the more than 155,000 students in Wisconsin's higher education system.

The governing board for 26 universities and colleges throughout Wisconsin, the UW System is working to develop effective tools and resources to enable its distributed staff of more than 26,000 to better serve the student population. A study of best business practices undertaken by the UW System identified improving the management of the disparate financial systems across numerous campuses as a top priority. While a limited amount of summary financial information for all campuses resided in a legacy general ledger, each campus maintained its own purchasing and accounts payable system, and at least 10 different general ledgers were maintained locally. System maintenance required numerous man-hours and was expensive. UW System decided to implement a single, integrated financial application consisting of a group of core modules for general ledger, accounts payable and purchasing.

"Cambridge Technology Partners brought the functional expertise needed to successfully launch our Shared Financial System," said George Ketterer, Office of Financial Administration, University of Wisconsin System. "Cambridge helped us achieve the arduous task of implementing six PeopleSoft modules to allow us to consolidate all our disparate systems into one unified solution. Since implementation of the solution, we've experienced outstanding results, and have paved the way for reductions in administrative and maintenance costs."

The UW System tapped Cambridge Technology Partners for this project because of its knowledge of the higher education industry and its experience in developing successful financial solutions. Cambridge's extensive practice in implementing PeopleSoft applications ensured rapid set up, testing, roll out, training, knowledge transfer and support for the project.

"As a taxpayer supported organization, UW System is under close scrutiny to ensure it's spending technology investment wisely," said Sal Caruso, associate vice president, PeopleSoft Solutions of Cambridge Technology Partners. "With this solution from Cambridge, UW System reduces administrative and maintenance costs, increases efficiency, and simplifies reporting. Previously, even meeting U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) was a challenge. Now, the UW System's reporting and accounting are moving towards compliance with GAAP. Moving the entire UW system into this program will drive further benefits."

For additional information in how Cambridge Technology Partners has helped institutions of higher education improve their business processes, see

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Cambridge Technology Partners provides strategic and management consulting as well as systems integration services to transform its clients into eBusinesses. Working in collaboration with Global 1000 and high-velocity middle market companies, Cambridge combines a deep understanding of New Economy issues with integrated, end-to-end services, and a proven track record of shared risk and rapid, guaranteed delivery. Cambridge is the global eServices division of Novell, Inc.

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