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Novell Enhances Security Offerings with Support for Leading Biometric Security Vendors

Novell, Inc., a leader in eBusiness solutions and Net services software, today announced it is improving its security offerings through partnerships with several leading biometric security firms.

PROVO, Utah | November 19, 2001

  • Novell's flexible security framework, NMAS, adds enhanced integration with the technology of biometric vendors AuthenTec, Biometricate, Iridian Technologies Inc. and Precise Biometrics
  • Strong authentication via NMAS is a key component of Novell's identity-based solutions in areas such as eProvisioning and Access Management

Novell, Inc., a leader in eBusiness solutions and Net services software, today announced it is improving its security offerings through partnerships with several leading biometric security firms. With the recent delivery of SAFLINK's (OTCBB: ESAF) SAFmodule 2.1 for Novell® Modular Authentication Service (NMAS™), Novell's flexible security framework now supports enhanced integration with the biometric technologies of AuthenTec, Iridian Technologies Inc. and Precise Biometrics. In addition, security vendor Biometricate has also recently completed integration with NMAS, enabling organizations to secure access to network resources through the use of biometrics that include auditing and reporting. These strong authentication methods, such as fingerprint scans or iris recognition, are a key component of Novell's identity-based solutions, which enable organizations to effectively control access to their applications, databases, network resources and multiple platforms.

As companies take internal business processes to the Net through eBusiness initiatives, security becomes paramount; and the foundation of a sound security infrastructure is the ability to efficiently grant, manage and revoke access rights to network applications, databases and platforms. Novell's identity-based solutions are designed to address this challenge. Novell's eProvisioning solutions allow organizations to automate the process of granting and revoking access rights to network resources among customers, employees, partners and suppliers. Using Novell's Access Management solutions, organizations efficiently manage ongoing access to those resources allowing Web, wireless, dial-up, VPN and client-based users to have a secure single sign-on experience. As part of these solutions, NMAS verifies users' identities by requiring them to authenticate via biometrics, tokens, proximity cards, digital certificates and/or smart cards.

"Novell's proven track record in identity-based security solutions made them an easy choice as our most trusted vendor for securing our network," said Jang-Ming Young, security project manager for Taipai County, Taiwan. "With Novell eDirectory™, we have a centralized, easy-to-manage store for our users' identity information, which defines what they can access on the network. NMAS then extends that access control to include advanced authentication. Now, to access the most sensitive network information, users need to provide a fingerprint scan in addition to a username and password. Obviously, this combination of authentication methods dramatically strengthens network security."

Novell's Net services software, combined with partner products, gives customers the ability to customize the security solution that best addresses their needs. Partnerships announced today include:

  • AuthenTec Through integration with NMAS, AuthenTec's FingerLoc* and EntréPad fingerprint authentication products provide enhanced security for eDirectory and the network resources eDirectory manages and protects. Utilizing AuthenTec's patented TruePrint Technology*, these products read fingerprints below the surface layer of the skin, resulting in unparalleled acquisition and recognition rates. AuthenTec's sensors have been integrated into a multitude of form factors by various PC peripheral suppliers as well as integrated directly into laptops.
  • Biometricate Biometricate's fingerprint authentication software solutions not only allow users to authenticate to eDirectory using a fingerprint scan, but they also generate a complete audit trail of every authentication transaction. Whether the authentication attempt is a success or failure, a record is created incorporating details such as server and client IP addresses, date and time, and the user's logon credentials, including the finger that was used for the authentication. Unique Non-Repudiation Codes are also generated to substantiate the authentication, which can be used as certificates if required.
  • Iridian Iris recognition from Iridian Technologies provides a very accurate, non-invasive and easy-to-use biometric for verification of a user's identity and secure authentication to eDirectory through SAFmodule 2.1 from SAFLINK Corporation. The technology is based on the rich detail of the iris of the eye and scales to support millions of users. Iridian's patented Private ID™ and KnoWho Authentication Server software empowers businesses to do away with passwords and the expense of managing them while offering a cost-effective, non-invasive solution for the profound network security issues facing a wide variety of organizations.
  • Precise Biometrics Precise Biometrics' products for fingerprint recognition tie network authentication and physical access together. Through integration with NMAS, biometrics can be used to secure directory services. The Precise 100 product family state-of-the-art fingerprint readers has been on the market since 1999.

SAFLINK's SAFmodule integrates a variety of biometric technologies into the NMAS authentication infrastructure, including fingerprint, voice, facial and iris recognition. SAFmodule also provides specialized features such as support for user self-enrollment, a biometric tutorial module and a disconnected login capability for mobile users.

"For nearly a decade Novell has led the world in managing identities on the strength of our pioneering directory software, Novell eDirectory," said Paul Smart, vice president and general manager of Novell's Net Directory business. "Today, that experience allows Novell to deliver Access Management and eProvisioning solutions that provide more functionality on more platforms than any other vendor. Naturally, NMAS plays a critical role in many solutions by requiring users to verify their identity via something they know, something they have, something they are or any combination of the three."

Previously announced NMAS security partnerships include ActivCard, Applied Biometrics, Arcot Systems, BioID, Biometric Access Corporation, Cherry Corporation, Compaq, Entrust Technologies, Identix Incorporated, RSA Security, SAFLINK, SecuGen, SmartTrust, Systemneeds, VASCO, Veridicom and VisionSphere. Novell's Developer Labs has assisted many of these companies in the development of their NMAS methods. For more information about these companies, their products and their integration with Novell's Net services software, go to

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