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Novell Helps American Diabetes Association Drive Costs Down, Improve Services Across its National Network

Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net services software, is helping the American Diabetes Association manage its national network easily and cost effectively, improving the ability of the Association to serve individuals suffering from diabetes.

PROVO, Utah | June 11, 2001

  • Non-profit organization uses Novell Net services software to keep offices in 50 states up to date with latest information and applications.
  • Reliability and remote management capabilities keep network management costs down.

Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net services software, is helping the American Diabetes Association manage its national network easily and cost effectively, improving the ability of the Association to serve individuals suffering from diabetes. With 172 offices, and representatives in every state, the American Diabetes Association uses Novell® Net services software to efficiently deliver information and applications to its more than 1000 employees. With both Novell NetWare® and Windows* platforms in its network, the Association uses Novell to manage multiple platforms in this highly distributed environment. For a non-profit organization like the American Diabetes Association, the cost of network management is critical, and Novell Net services software delivers unparalleled savings through its automation and remote management powers.

Like most organizations today, non-profit entities are moving to become eBusinesses, deploying the latest technologies to deliver new and improved services to their clients. Non-profits, however, which depend on often unpredictable financing, must also pay particular attention to the ongoing costs of technology. For a large organization with a national network like the American Diabetes Association, network administration can become a major financial challenge. The Association uses Novell Net services software to keep its network costs in check.

The American Diabetes Association's 1000 employees are spread across 172 offices in all 50 states, and they need access to applications and information on both NetWare and Windows systems. The Association deploys a series of Novell Net services to manage this distributed network. Using its 100 NetWare servers for core networking functions and the Novell Account Management solution to manage its Windows NT* servers and user accounts, the Association has turned its heterogeneous network into a single unified network. This gives employees easy access to the information they need, regardless of the system it's on, while saving money by tapping the power of Novell NDS® eDirectory to consolidate administration of the Association's network into a single management interface. The Association leverages Novell's leading desktop management solution, ZENworks® for Desktops, to efficiently deploy applications across its national network.

"As the head of IT in a non-profit organization, keeping down the cost of running my network is an absolute priority. Every dollar spent on technology is one less dollar that can be spent trying to find the cure," said Rick Smith, the director of IT Solutions for the American Diabetes Association. "I use Novell's ZENworks for Desktops to push out some 300 applications to our employees from a single point, saving me significant time and money. We've yet to find an application we can't deliver with ZENworks. Combining the familiarity of the Windows desktop with the ease of use and reliability of Novell on the back end is the best option out there today."

Novell's Net services software provides a full range of network solutions, from security and identity management to collaboration and storage. Novell's eDirectory, which works across all leading operating systems, gives organizations the ability to manage their networks as one Net, regardless of the various operating systems it contains.

"Novell is focused on helping organizations move to the Net simply, securely, and quickly," said Craig Miller, vice president and general manager of Novell's Net Management business unit. "For organizations like the American Diabetes Association, where keeping costs down is an absolute priority, Novell's ZENworks for Desktops solution - which allows unparalleled remote management of desktops - combined with the proven reliability of our NetWare operating system, provides a compelling solution."

In a recent survey, IDC has found that ZENworks provided an average three-year return on investment (ROI) of 2,039% and a payback time of less than three months. Average savings over a three-year period from deploying ZENworks have a net present value of $1,239,228 per company. For more information, visit [View PDF as Text]

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