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Novell Improves Technology to Help Companies Tie Their Data and Systems Together

Novell, Inc., a leading provider of Net business solutions, today announced the delivery of Novell® DirXML 1.1, a more flexible and powerful version of the company's data synchronization software.

PROVO, Utah | January 15, 2002

  • Novell DirXML 1.1 features greater flexibility and application support
  • New DirXML Driver for SAP HR also available, enabling the integration of user information among mySAP HR, eDirectory and other enterprise applications
  • By linking systems such as HR applications, e-mail, databases and facilities access, DirXML eliminates the costly and time-consuming task of creating and updating profiles in these systems individually

Novell, Inc., a leading provider of Net business solutions, today announced the delivery of Novell® DirXML 1.1, a more flexible and powerful version of the company's data synchronization software. DirXML helps customers create one Net, where all types of networks work together, by linking data stored in directories, applications and databases, whether they reside inside the firewall or across the Internet on business partner systems. In addition to the delivery of version 1.1, Novell also announced the availability of the DirXML Driver for SAP* HR, which integrates user identity information among the mySAP* Human Resources (mySAP HR) application, Novell eDirectory and other enterprise applications. By linking systems such as HR applications, e-mail, databases and facilities access, DirXML eliminates the costly and time-consuming task of creating and updating profiles in these systems individually.

"Perhaps the most compelling business advantage DirXML has given the Hartford Public Schools is making the impossible possible. By leveraging DirXML technology against our existing network infrastructure, we are able to expand the services we're providing ten-fold, with a zero increase in staffing levels," said Brian Wiatr, senior systems administrator with Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut. Hartford Public Schools services more than 22,000 students and employs more than 3,000 faculty and staff. "DirXML has allowed us to link the student and faculty information stored in a number of systems, including eDirectory, NIMS, our student information database, GroupWise and our faculty HR system. With it, we don't have to modify or consolidate those existing applications and databases we simply enter information into any designated directory, and DirXML updates it across the entire network. This streamlined process is not only beneficial to our school system, but it's also beneficial to the city. Now, we only need a single e-mail administrator to manage accounts, rather than numerous people managing file services, Internet activity, etc.; and that's a definite cost savings for taxpayers."

As companies move business processes online, the number of users who need access to network resources increases exponentially. The challenge of granting and revoking access rights to dozens of applications and platforms becomes increasingly difficult as the number of users accessing those resources grows. DirXML forms the foundation of eProvisioning solutions, which address this challenge. By linking independent systems such as HR applications, Lotus Notes*, Oracle, eDirectory, etc., eProvisioning solutions allow a company to create a consistent identity for each user across all business applications.

With new connectivity to the mySAP HR application, DirXML offers SAP customers a powerful one Net solution that supports their current business processes. The user information stored in mySAP HR can now be shared and integrated with other systems throughout an organization. For example, when a new user is hired, the user's data is entered into the mySAP HR application. With DirXML, that data entry can trigger the provisioning of user accounts in any number of IT systems based on the user's job title, location or other attributes. This integration allows customers to significantly reduce administration costs and make more effective use of corporate data helping employees become more productive and fostering stronger relationships with customers and partners.

DirXML 1.1 Enhancements

The latest version of DirXML offers customers a variety of new features:

  • New base drivers Updated drivers for Microsoft* NT Domains, Delimited Text Files and Novell GroupWise® have been added to the DirXML base package suite. The base package of drivers now supports Novell eDirectory, iPlanet* Directory Server, IBM SecureWay* Directory, Innosoft* Directory Services, CP Directory Server, other LDAP-compliant directories, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Exchange, Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Active Directory*, Microsoft NT Domains and Delimited Text Files.
  • Simplified administration Two new DirXML features support easier administration: First, enhanced rule handling simplifies the configuration of rules that drive a business's policy-based data integration and synchronization. For example, an enterprise can reduce the time it takes to build its unique naming policies into DirXML and achieve rollout and the resulting cost savings faster. Second, administrators can now log errors and warnings according to specific DirXML functions, such as subscriber channel, publisher channel and driver set. This new "per function" logging feature enables an administrator to recognize error trends and create a solution much faster.
  • Remote loader DirXML drivers can now be hosted on a server separate from eDirectory and the DirXML engine. This capability allows DirXML to integrate applications running on operating systems that are not supported by eDirectory. By deploying only a small driver on servers, DirXML reduces the cost of data integration and helps companies simplify the deployment of eProvisioning solutions.

DirXML Driver for SAP HR

With the addition of the DirXML Driver for SAP HR, DirXML adds connectivity with the mySAP HR system, allowing user identity information to be shared among mySAP HR, eDirectory and other enterprise applications. Novell is a member of the SAP Software Partner Program, and the DirXML Driver for SAP HR has been validated by SAP. This validation assures customers that DirXML has proven integration with SAP software. In addition, Novell eDirectory is the first directory to be certified for use with the SAP Web Application Server, which is the user and management interface for all eBusiness platform solutions.

"Simply put, DirXML can provide companies a substantial return on investment by streamlining business processes and dramatically lowering administrative overhead," said Paul Smart, vice president and general manager of Novell's Net Directory business. "Best of all, DirXML drives these benefits while still leveraging companies' existing technology investments. DirXML facilitates the synchronization of data across directories, databases and applications, without retrofitting existing technologies."

Availability and Pricing

Novell DirXML 1.1 is available to customers today for $29 per user. The DirXML Driver for SAP HR is available today for $10 per user. Both products are available from Novell channel partners, Novell Consultant and System Integrator partners or directly from Novell by calling (888) 321-4272. For more information about DirXML and additional drivers, go to

About Novell
Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ: NOVL), is a leader in eBusiness solutions and Net services software designed to secure and power the networked world. Novell and its eServices division, Cambridge Technology Partners, help organizations solve complex business challenges, simplify their systems and processes, and capture new opportunities with one Net solutions. Novell provides worldwide channel, consulting, education and developer programs to support its offerings.

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