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Novell ZENworks Synergy delivers personalized content and applications across fat, thin and web architectures, independent of device and location

ZENworks Synergy creates a secure, personalized, consistent work environment for each user, regardless of machine or location ZENworks Synergy installs and launches applications across the three computing architectures - client-server (fat-client), terminal server (thin-client) and Web - from a single unified interface Applications and content are delivered to each user based on their unique needs and identity ZENworks Synergy tracks the use of all digital assets with associated costs for billing purposes

SALT LAKE CITY (BrainShare® 2002) | March 18, 2002

Novell, Inc., the leading provider of Net business solutions, today announced the availability of Novell® ZENworks Synergy™, a solution that delivers the tools and information users need to work from any machine at any location, so wherever they go, there they are, ready to do their jobs. By providing dynamic content - such as company, industry and financial news - along with applications, data and tools such as productivity apps, e-mail and line-of-business apps from one central place, ZENworks Synergy provides a single point of access to everything users need, whether they are connected or disconnected from the network.

In addition, ZENworks Synergy enables administrators to deliver applications from the three computing architectures - client-server (fat-client), terminal server (thin-client) and Web - from a single point, giving users unified and consistent access to the applications and resources they need from any device in any location via a Web browser or directly from their Windows desktop. Systems administrators gain a powerful tool to address one of the most challenging issues in moving to a one Net environment - how to give employees what they need on the devices they want to use without adding to management complexity.

"ZENworks Synergy delivers on Novell's vision of enabling the world to work as one Net by removing the barriers between intranets, extranets, the Internet and between wired and wireless networks," said Brad Anderson, Novell's ZENworks® business unit manager. "This solution gives each user - whether that user is an employee, partner or customer - a unified, personalized view of everything the user requires to complete his or her work and to interact with the company. This simple interface provides everything the user requires, independent of platform or application."

The typical computer user is more mobile today than ever before. During the day a user may be working in the office, then working at home in the evening and the next day visiting a customer, using a different computer in each environment. In addition, IT organizations are being asked to deliver services to partners and customers who require access to data and applications. Novell ZENworks Synergy gives end-users a consistent, unified experience wherever they are - inside or outside the firewall. ZENworks Synergy provides the applications and data each user needs, wherever they are, on whatever machine they are using, based on their unique needs and identity.

Paul Geurts, manager of Smart Desktop Services for PinkRoccade, an IT services provider based in The Netherlands, said, "We needed a supplier who understands our business model and both the traditional and the Internet worlds, and a solution that reflects that understanding. ZENworks Synergy encompasses both these worlds and gives us the flexibility to build a solution that fits our needs, providing increased user productivity while decreasing administrative burdens."

ZENworks Synergy combines the features and capabilities of Novell ZENworks for Desktops 3.2, Novell ZENworks OnDemand Services™ 2 and Novell Portal Services 1.5. Using the power of Novell eDirectory™ to manage identities, the combination of these three creates a solution that gives thin-client, traditional and Web administrators a single solution for providing, accessing and managing content and applications. ZENworks Synergy bridges these three delivery methods, eliminating costly and redundant support and maintenance.

"IT administrators need cost and time savings when they implement software solutions," said Fred Broussard, senior research analyst at IDC. "Integrated delivery of applications and data across client-server, thin-client and Web architectures via a single software solution can eliminate complexity, make end-users more productive, and speed innovative technologies to market."

Increase End-User Productivity
ZENworks Synergy increases productivity throughout an organization by simplifying user access so they can work from anywhere, on any machine.

  • Employees, partners and customers have the flexibility to work on their own terms - for 24x7 productivity in the office or on the road - whether they are connected or disconnected.
  • Because a user's relevant resources are always at hand, he or she can get more done in less time.
  • End-users experience less frustration and make fewer help-desk calls because they do not have to be computer or technology experts to do their jobs.
  • Administrators can transition a user between fat, thin and Web applications without the user's work experience changing.

Maximize Return on Investment
ZENworks Synergy allows companies to do more with less, enabling their technology environments to run smoothly and effectively despite shrinking resources.

  • Substantially reduces the cost of managing mobile and tethered Windows desktops. Total cost of ownership can decrease by as much as 60 percent.
  • Eliminates redundancies and streamlines management so staff can focus on strategic initiatives.
  • IT administrators can oversee and manage all computing environments as one, from a single point.
  • Gives a clear understanding of IT usage (who is using what resources and how much) and lets them bill appropriately for that use. Also provides accurate data for negotiating contracts with software vendors.
  • Saves money by substantially reducing the number of help-desk calls.
  • Automates the approval and delivery of digital assets to users without human intervention.

Minimize Risk
ZENworks Synergy delivers unparalleled flexibility, allowing companies to be agile and resilient in the face of changing market conditions.

  • Avoids system downtime that can disrupt operations or workflows during and after software deployments.
  • Minimizes training headaches and keeps users productive even when making major software changes.
  • Protects critical systems by ensuring the organization always has the latest software patches and virus updates, even for mobile users.

Pricing and Availability
Novell ZENworks Synergy will be available in early May through Novell Authorized ResellersSM and solution providers for a suggested $159 per user license. Upgrade paths are available for Novell customers who currently own one of the components of ZENworks Synergy. For more information, visit

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