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Omni - EMU
EMU was developed to provide an intuitive interface to manage, modify and import large numbers of users. Originally developed as a tool to import and modify users for schools, universities and colleges, EMU is more than just a series of batch files or individual utilities. EMU has evolved into a fully-fledged application that eases the administrative burden for all eDirectory, NetWare, GroupWise, and NetMail administrators who deal with large numbers of accounts.

EMU Overview
EMU delivers the ultimate bulk user import and mass user management application. Use EMU to bulk create, modify, manage, import or delete hundreds or thousands of eDirectory, GroupWise and NetMail accounts in a single session. EMU provides speed and consistency throughout your user creation and bulk modify processes.

Originally developed to provide an intuitive workstation application and interface for managing user accounts in school environments, EMU has developed into a fully-fledged user import and modification application. EMU eases the administrative challenges of administrators who manage large numbers of eDirectory, NetWare, GroupWise, and NetMail users.

What Makes EMU unique?
EMU is a powerful and mature application that has been enhanced over the last five years to include features and requests from large network administrators of all types. EMU has the features you are looking for whether you are looking to delete accounts that have been inactive for over X days, identify orphaned home directories that are no longer associated with user accounts, create user web directories, move user home directories to a different server, or just about any other bulk user management task you can think of.

Enterprise Management Made Easy
By using EMU to carry out bulk user account changes, network administrators from schools, school districts, colleges, universities and large enterprise networks are able to work much more efficiently and focus on offering additional and improved services to their users.

Test-Drive EMU
Visit to download a free trial version of EMU. Call +1 780-423-4200 or email to place your order.

Features and Benefits
  • Compatible with GroupWise, eDirectory, NDS and NetMail
  • Workstation application -- no server-based components
  • Import or modify hundreds or thousands of accounts based on the contents of a data file
  • Provides access to bulk manage extended schema values
  • Bulk delete eDirectory and GroupWise accounts AND Home Directory at once
  • Delete “orphaned” user home directories
  • Identify and delete accounts that have not been used in X days

product compatibility

  • Novell eDirectory
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition
  • Novell Small Business Suite (NetWare-based)
  • NetWare

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regional availability

  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Japan
  • Latin America
  • North America

language availability

  • English

success story

  • "Norwegian School Highly Recommends EMU for Creating Multiple Staff and Student Accounts"
  • "K-12 School Uses EMU to Create and Bulk Modify Novell Home Directories for Mac OS X Users"
  • "EMU Complements Novell Identity Management Deployment at Metropolitan Community College"
  • "Importing and Managing Large Numbers of GroupWise Accounts with EMU"
  • "Stoneybrooke Christian Schools Imports and Manages Student Accounts with EMU"
  • "Arizona School District Increases Novell and GroupWise ROI with EMU and eControl Delegated Account Administration"


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