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ISV - Virtual Iron
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Virtual Iron products and technology are designed from the ground up for enterprise-class virtualization and they deliver maximum flexibility, availability and efficiency to data center operations. While first generation technologies are limited to working at the single-machine level or with small clusters of machines, Virtual Iron manages the aggregation and sharing of many machines and devices including server, storage and network resources. This enables enterprises to automate many time-intensive, manual tasks such as provisioning new servers, moving capacity to handle increased workloads, and responding to availability issues.

In the Virtual Iron environment, any application can run on any machine, or be moved to any other machine without disrupting the application or requiring time consuming SAN or network configuration changes. Plus, Virtual Iron's unique policy-based management provides a full complement of tools to automate and control the virtual data center. With these capabilities, companies can transform the data center into a manageable, dynamic pool of shared computing resources. This enables them to rapidly respond to changing business demands and dramatically reduce the costs of managing and operating their data center.

With Virtual Iron, enterprises can:

Rapidly provision and redeploy applications

By separating applications from hardware resources – including memory, CPU, network and storage – Virtual Iron delivers the flexibility and agility required to make rapid hardware and server changes. Applications can be moved without regard for the underlying hardware. SAN and network changes occur dynamically -- without change to existing configurations. Moreover, Virtual Iron empowers administrators to rapidly provision new servers, storage systems and networks since the hardware details are abstracted from application dependencies.

Run enterprise-level applications
The Virtual Iron platform is transparent to applications and operating systems and optimized to handle common business applications. Unlike other virtualization technologies, Virtual Iron can handle large, complex applications, including J2EE application servers. All of the server hardware within a single virtual server runs a single instance of the operating system, meaning software and operating system maintenance can be performed once, with no installations or changes on individual physical servers. Virtual servers are separate from the physical hardware creating the flexibility needed to respond to capacity changes or availability issues without impacting the running application.

Scale servers rapidly, up and down, on-the-fly, as needed
Scale-up or scale-down any virtual server from the management console with the click of a mouse. Or you can automate the process with policies defined in the management console to add or subtract resources based on time of day, heavy/light usage periods or other criteria. Either way it happens instantly with no reboot required.

Quickly create and manage virtual servers on industry standard hardware
Group up to 16 existing processors into a single virtual server, with scalable performance that increases for each processor added. Or, for less demanding applications, partition a single computer to create multiple virtual servers using a fraction of a processor for each. Combine or divide memory, storage and network resources just as flexibly. Do it all in seconds via the management console — without touching physical hardware.

product compatibility

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

system requirements/details

CPU:  Up to 16 processors, X86-compatible (XEON, EM64T)

Memory:  1GB


  • x86

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regional availability

  • North America

language availability

  • English


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