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DB2 Intelligent Miner Modeling

By using DB2 Intelligent Miner Modeling, you can discover hidden relationships in your data without exporting data to a special data mining computer or resorting to small samples of data.

  • DB2 Intelligent Miner Modeling delivers DB2 Extenders for the following modeling operations:
    • Associations discovery. Application examples include the discovery of product associations in a market basket analysis, site visit patterns an eCommerce site, or combinations of financial offerings purchased.
    • Demographic clustering. Application examples include market segmentation, store profiling, and buying-behavior patterns.
    • Tree classification. Application examples include profiling customers based on a desired outcome such as propensity to buy, projected spending level, and the likelihood of attrition within a period of time.


  • DB2 Intelligent Miner Modeling is a sophisticated SQL extension of the DB2 database and enables modeling functions to be imbedded into business applications.
  • DB2 Intelligent Miner Modeling supports the development of data mining models in a format which conforms with Predictive Model Markup Language (PMML) V2.0, the new industry standard for analytic models.
  • When new relationships are discovered, DB2 Intelligent Miner Scoring allows you to apply the new relationships in your data to new data in real-time.
  •  Data-mining model-analysis is available via DB2 Intelligent Miner Visualizer, a Java-based results browser. It allows even non-experts to view and evaluate the results of the data-mining modeling-process.

product compatibility

  • SUSE LINUX Professional 9.2
  • SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3


  • IBM System z
  • IBM® S/390® (31 bit)

regional availability

  • North America

language availability

  • English


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