DB2 Net Search Extender 8.2 zSeries

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DB2 Net Search Extender

  • Adding rich full-text search enhances your database applications with the information that your users need. With V8, DB2 Net Search Extender provides query performance and scalability by integrating caching and optimization technologies. It is most appropriate for high end e-business applications that are database intensive, since it is designed to work closely with DB2 Universal Database applications.


  • Integrated solutions means ensuring all parts of the solution work together. DB2 Net Search Extender works seamlessly with text documents contained in DB2 as well as other relational databases, and federated databases.


  • Indexes data rapidly, without impacting other applications by locking database tables during indexing and searching.


  • You can manage the DB2 Net Search Extender from the DB2 Universal Database Control Center, significantly simplifying basic tasks like creation of a text index.


  • You can use IBM DB2 Net Search Extender with DB2 UDB's built in federated support to index and search your text data stored in other DB2 and Informix IDS databases. Integration with the DB2 optimizer's intelligent strategies ensure high-performance, full-text search working seamlessly within an SQL full select. The text search interface is based on the SQL/MM standard.


product compatibility

  • SUSE LINUX Professional 9.2
  • SUSE LINUX Professional 9.3


  • IBM System z
  • IBM® S/390® (31 bit)

regional availability

  • North America

language availability

  • English


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