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Quest Archive Manager
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Intelligent E-Mail Archiving Corporate manages accounts for approximately 40 percent of the 135 billion e-mails sent daily around the world. Messaging system administrators must manage e-mail storage growth, policy enforcement, archiving and other related issues. Managing large, active stores of information can take significant time, and failures cause long outages. These long outages can negatively impact organizations, with lost productivity, and will affect time-critical business deals.

Quest® Archive Manager enables e-mail to become a true asset for the organization by capturing, indexing and storing messaging data, for mailbox management, compliance and knowledge sharing. Archive Manager's true single-instance storage helps organizations control data volumes and reduces the cost associated with storage management. With Compliance and e-Discovery With Archive Manager, organizations can quickly produce evidence for audits, investigations and litigation. Archive Manager allows you to find and retrieve data in minutes, by enabling you to visually zero in on specific content of interest. You can set granular permissions to retrieve items from particular mailboxes, or across the entire archive, and can perform fast searches based on sender, recipient, date, subject, message keyword or attachment keyword. Retention rules can be configured in order to control the data that is retained in the archive.

Archive Manager helps reduce overall risk for your organization, by consolidating distributed data, including messages contained in personal folder files (.PST). It also allows you to backfill the archive with historical data from current mailboxes. Integration and Collaboration Archive Manager facilitates the sharing of organizational knowledge that is locked up in e-mail, improving the productivity and increasing the effectiveness of your organization. Archive Manager provides flexible access rights to e-mail, delivering virtual views of archived messages for easy collaboration, and allowing easy integration with external systems so that information can be leveraged by other business processes and business systems. Archive Manager's Application Program Interface (API) makes it easy to access the information residing in the archive.

Archive Manager key features and benefits:
  • ZeroIMPACT™ Archiving: Archive Manager captures and indexes new and historical messaging data transparently to end users.
  • Easy Deployment: Archive Manager is simple to deploy, and does not require software to be installed on the end users' client PCs or on the e-mail server.
  • Controlled Access to Data: Granular permissions to the archive ensure that data is secure, while providing organizations a way to share business intelligence.
  • Compliance Support: Message integrity is assured, while multiple tools enable investigations to be managed. Retention rules control the data, which is retained in the store, helping achieve compliance requirements.
  • Comprehensive Data Discovery: Archive Manager allows organizations to easily discover and retrieve data by providing robust searching and reporting tools.
  • Single-instance Storage: Archive Manager stores a single copy of all messages and attachments, reducing the space needed to store messaging data.
  • Improved Performance and Stability: Archive Manager reduces the storage volume of messaging data and the load on your messaging servers.

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  • Novell GroupWise


  • x86
  • x86_64 AMD64® & Intel® EM64T®

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