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Riva combines a powerful set of GroupWise and eDirectory managed policies to deliver policy-based, automated GroupWise account and content management -- managed calendars, managed address books, managed proxy access, managed rules, managed folders and more. Riva leverages the GroupWise Trusted Application architecture and eDirectory connectors to allow you to create policies to manage GroupWise content across your entire system from a single workstation.

Managed Calendars
Riva's GroupWise Managed Calendar module allows you to "push" calendar events, reminder notes and tasks to your users' GroupWise calendars. GroupWise CCU benefits businesses and organizations that need to add managed calendar entries (semester start and ends dates, statutory holidays, business events, department calendars, etc.) to selected user calendars.

Managed Proxy Access
Omni developed Riva's Managed GroupWise Proxy Access module to enhance email security reporting compliance. Many organizations require GroupWise administrators to have proxy rights to users' GroupWise accounts. Our GroupWise Proxy Access module allows these organizations to push proxy settings into multiple users' accounts from a single administration workstation. Different proxy settings can be applied to users based on eDirectory group or container memberships.

Managed Rules
Riva's Managed Rules policy allows administrators to define and manage a common set of GroupWise rules for individual GroupWise accounts, members of a group and the entire organization.

Managed Folders
The Managed Folders module allows you to select a folder structure (shared or unshared folders) in a source account and "push" that structure (one or more) to your destinations.

Managed Address Books
The Managed Address Book module allows administrators to distribute and manage GroupWise address books to GroupWise users.

Managed Categories
The Managed Categories module allows you to standardize, create and push common categories out to user accounts.

Folder Create
The Folder Create module allows administrators to add new folders immediately below the “Root” and “Cabinet” objects in the destination GroupWise accounts. Folder Create policies can be used to delete existing folders in destination GroupWise accounts including folders not originally created using a Folder Create policy.

Birthday Reminders
If your users record key contact birthdays in their address books, Riva's Birthday Reminder module will extract that information and add a birthday reminder note into their GroupWise calendar.

Password Expiry Reminder Email
Use this module to automate sending an eDirectory password expiry email to your users.

GWIA Internet Address Clean-up
Riva's GWIA Internet Address Clean-up module allows administrators to remove all unnecessary gateway information, prefixes and suffixes that cause your users' address book entries to fail.

product compatibility

  • Novell eDirectory
  • Novell GroupWise
  • Novell Open Workgroup Suite Small Business Edition
  • Novell Small Business Suite (NetWare-based)

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  • Asia Pacific
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa
  • Japan
  • Latin America
  • North America

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  • English

success story

"The new Riva Managed Calendar module is phenomenal!" said Keith Shaffer, Director of Technology at Skokie/Morton Grove School District 69. "We've been waiting for the ability to push GroupWise calendars to our users for a long time. I'm thrilled, our principals are thrilled, and our teachers are thrilled—thank you!"


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