Why join Novell PartnerNet?

Novell, NetIQ and SUSE prides itself on delivering a robust partner program. Consistently recognized within the industry, the PartnerNet® program is built on a value-based approach to recognize and reward the total unique value that each partner delivers in the marketplace. We provide an engine for mutual revenue growth and attainment of partnership goals through a flexible program environment that aligns resources and investment with commitment and value to drive maximum performance.

To bring more value to our partners’ business, PartnerNet focuses on three main areas:

  • Enabling partner business growth
  • Investing in partner profit potential
  • Accelerating partner business success


What is a "value-based" approach?

A value-based approach provides a more flexible and simplified model for managing our partner business while ensuring a mutual exchange of value between us and our partners. It builds on a set of values, allowing Novell to ensure the right partners get the appropriate level of support and that all partners are able to achieve maximum ROI through their Novell, NetIQ and SUSE business. This approach allows Novell to better recognize our various partners' business models and the associated values they bring.


What is the value of a "value-based" program to partners?

It is our goal to invest in the right partners?accelerate their business growth and to increase their profitability. The "right" partners are partners who invest in their Novell, NetIQ and SUSE business and actively leverage Novell, NetIQ and SUSE products and solutions as an integral part of their go-to-market strategy.

These partners will provide value to their customers and Novell, NetIQ and SUSE and will be recognized for it. This will allow them to differentiate themselves through the higher PartnerNet program levels and specializations. These Gold and Platinum level partners will have access to financial benefits such as Deal Registration and Volume Incentive Rebates and more.


Who can join PartnerNet?

Solution Providers, Regional System Integrators, ISVs and Commercial Training Partners may join PartnerNet as a Silver partner.

Global System Integrators, Distributors, Software Service Agents, Academic Training Partners and Independent Hardware Vendors (plus any other Global Strategic Partners) may join as Alliance partners.


What are Performance Values?

Performance values are how we recognize the value a partner provides. There are two values that determine your overall company medallion level within the PartnerNet program:

  • Revenue: Varies by specialization, country and medallion level. For details please see the program guide available to PartnerNet members within the PartnerNet portal.
  • Competency: Varies by specialization and medallion level.

The lowest common level achieved across both measures will determine the partner's overall medallion level.

For Solution Providers - if a partner is performing at a Gold Level for Revenue and a Platinum Level for Competency, then they will be awarded a Gold level because this is the lowest level which is common to each area of measurement.

Gold and Platinum partners are also expected to provide value added services to their customers. For further details please see the Program Guide within the PartnerNet portal.


Will I pay a membership fee to join the program?

No. We recognizes the investment a partner is choosing to make in Novell, NetIQ and SUSE and there is no membership or enrollment fee to join the PartnerNet program.


What program benefits can I expect to receive?

PartnerNet benefits are broken into four categories:

  • Core Benefits (available to all PartnerNet members including Silver)
  • Medallion Level Benefits (available for Gold or Platinum)
  • Specialist Benefits (available to Specialists only)
  • Optional Benefits (available for purchase)

Contact Partner Help Desk


Europe, Middle East and Africa

Asia Pacific

International toll free phone numbers are available for the following countries:

  • Australia: 61 2 8281 3487
  • China North: 00800 0835 3932
  • China South: 00800 0835 3932
  • Hong Kong: 001800 0835 3932
  • India: 61 2 8281 3487
  • Japan: 61 2 8281 3487
  • Malaysia: 00800 0835 3932
  • New Zealand: 00800 0835 3932
  • Singapore: 001800 0835 3932
  • Taiwan: 00800 0835 3932
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