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General Novell OES Ready Guidelines

General Novell OES Ready Guideline #1

Product Testing

The software product has been fully tested on the Novell OES platform (in accordance with an official and internally available test plan).

The product test plan assures that 100% of the code is covered (or as close to 100% as possible). All functions/ procedures/routines found in the product's executable code have been executed at least once during the product testing cycle.

General Novell OES Ready Guideline #2

Product Support

Customer support is provided for the software product on Novell's OES platform.

  • A method for customers to report product defects is available.
  • Reported product defects are addressed in a timely manor.
  • The following product contacts are provided to Novell, including contact name and phone number:
    • Business Development/Product Management
    • Product Engineering/Development
    • Product QA/Testing
    • Product Support

General Novell OES Ready Guideline #3

Duration and Reliability

The product operates as documented, without becoming unstable and/or ending abruptly due to a software error or bug.

General Novell OES Ready Guideline #4

Proper Function in a Multiprocessor OES environment

The product has been tested, and operates properly, on multiprocessor systems.

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