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General Novell OES Ready Guidelines

General Novell OES Ready Guideline #1

Product Testing

The software product has been fully tested on the Novell OES platform (in accordance with an official and internally­available test plan).

The product test plan assures that 100% of the code is covered (or as close to 100% as possible). All functions/ procedures/routines found in the product's executable code have been executed at least once during the product testing cycle.

General Novell OES Ready Guideline #2

Product Support

Customer support is provided for the software product on Novell's OES platform.

  • A method for customers to report product defects is available.
  • Reported product defects are addressed in a timely manor.
  • The following product contacts are provided to Novell, including contact name and phone number:
    • Business Development/Product Management
    • Product Engineering/Development
    • Product QA/Testing
    • Product Support

General Novell OES Ready Guideline #3

Duration and Reliability

The product operates as documented, without becoming unstable and/or ending abruptly due to a software error or bug.

General Novell OES Ready Guideline #4

Proper Function in a Multiprocessor OES environment

The product has been tested, and operates properly, on multiprocessor systems.

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