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Enterprise Linux Servers

Your IT customers are looking for ways to deliver fast, reliable and secure access to core business applications, systems and data. The solutions they choose need to be cost-effective and efficient, and they often must integrate with existing large, complex and heterogeneous infrastructures. With Enterprise Linux Servers from Novell, you can offer your customers just what they’re looking for:

  • Lower total cost of their computing infrastructure and operations
  • Reduced complexity of managing heterogeneous IT environments
  • Freedom from vendor lock-in for maximum choice and flexibility

Show your customers how they can meet the challenges of shrinking budgets, increasingly complex IT environments, and the need for choice and flexibility with Enterprise Linux Servers from Novell.

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Virtualization and Workload Management

All enterprises, from small to very large, are struggling with responding to changing business demands, understanding how to reduce management complexity, improving workload performance, lowering costs and mitigating risks. Many have launched virtualization projects to deal with these issues, but others are still grappling with their strategies, and most are considering how private and public clouds may be answers. You have a great opportunity with each of these customers to help them plan and complete their initiatives with Virtualization and Workload Management solutions from Novell, which offer them the following:

  • Decreased management time
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced complexity
  • Risk mitigation

Become the expert your customers turn to for solving their business, management, performance, cost and risk needs by offering them Virtualization and Workload Management solutions from Novell.

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Business Service Management

IT professionals and decision makers in large and very large enterprises need the means to deliver quality service, meet compliance requirements, document service achievements and control their infrastructure. In your role as trusted advisor, Business Service Management solutions from Novell help you show your customers how to build best practices, increase value, and mitigate risk in complex business and IT environments. These solutions help customers:

  • Reduce the number and duration of IT outages by 50 percent or more
  • Lower the risk of configuration changes
  • Understand the impact of IT service disruptions

Business Service Management solutions from Novell give you an ideal path to become the strategic partner your customers turn to.

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