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Identity and Security Solutions

Identity and Access Management

Managing user identities is one of the biggest challenges to IT organizations. With Identity Manager and its companion solutions in the Identity and Access Management suite, your customers can manage identities and control access across physical and virtual environments, all while saving money and ensuring compliance. Identity and Access Management solutions from Novell enable your customers to do the following:

  • Manage ever-changing roles and responsibilities with automatic provisioning that takes roles, rules and workflows into consideration
  • Provision and manage user identities and roles to give them access to the resources they need to be productive while maintaining control
  • Simplify secure access for mobile workers with single sign-on for enterprise, web and SaaS applications

Learn how your customers can cost-effectively manage identities and control access.

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Compliance Management

Complying with privacy and security regulations and proving compliance are major challenges for your customers. Compliance Management solutions from Novell automatically enforce security and access-related policies.

  • Novell Access Governance Suite simplifies how access to information resources is governed and certified, balancing business agility with security
  • With this solution, you can provide your customer with a business-relevant, comprehensive view of access rights across the organization.
  • Novell solutions integrate security information and event management (SIEM) data with identity information to let you know who is accessing what, when they’re doing it and if they’re authorized
  • Optimize user lifecycle management to reduce access-related risk

Show your customers how they can easily prove compliance with Compliance Management solutions from Novell.

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Security Management

Organizations that need to protect against targeted threats, decrease risk and ensure regulatory compliance need Security Management solutions from Novell. These innovative solutions provide powerful log management using the most robust, scalable and mature SIEM product on the market.

  • Log management with Novell Sentinel Log Manager helps customers collect, archive and report on log data easily and with less cost to prove compliance
  • Security monitoring and remediation collects and correlates security events in real time, uses dashboards to monitor events and automatically remediates anomalies to ensure security in today’s highly flexible networks

Show your customers why Compliance Management solutions from Novell are trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations.

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