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New in Vibe 3.2

Novell Vibe 3.2 makes team collaboration even easier and more efficient with new mobile apps that make it seamless to connect from your favorite device, enhancements that give you better control, and overall performance improvements that tighten the flow of your experience. From a high level, here are the top areas of focus for this new release:

File management

New enhancements give you a lot more control over files. Now you can turn file versioning on/off, set a maximum number of minor file versions (you'll like this if you're thinking about disk space), tell the system to auto-delete old versions, and delete multiple versions at once. You can also set quotas on file size.

Improvements with workflows and surveys

Those who use workflows and surveys will like our nitty-gritty improvements in this area. Workflow steps can now change dynamically based on the value of a field in a preceding step, and a workflow can modify the value of a field entry. Survey builders have more flexibility than ever with the simple ability to move questions up or down in the question list.

Expanded capabilities with landing pages and task management

With our rapid release process for Novell Vibe, each release brings subtle but much requested enhancements that give users more and easier control. This release continues this tradition with improvements to landing page formatting for tables, and background colors and images. We've also made it easier to keep team members on track with easier task updates through task and calendar sync from Novell Vibe to Novell GroupWise.

New mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices

Since Novell Vibe is a web-based collaboration tool with a mobile interface, people have long been able to access their team workspaces via their mobile devices. What we've added with version 3.2 are actual iPhone and Android applications, which means users can store their credentials for one or more Vibe sites for fast and easy mobile access.

Performance, usability and quality improvements

In the same way a month of vacation on the beach does a body good, never underestimate the power of bug fixes, usability improvements and a fresh look and feel for system notifications via email. Our Vibe engineers added these subtle yet powerful enhancements over the past several months, giving Novell Vibe an overall healthy, sun-kissed glow.

Drum Roll, Please...

Stay tuned for some fashionably late additions to Novell Vibe 3.2, coming this winter. Vibe users will get off-line file sync for Vibe workspaces and folders, and a new Microsoft Office Add-in.

Vibe Highlight

Novell Vibe brings significant additions and improvements to the capabilities of the product, making team collaboration even easier and more efficient. From a high level, here are the top areas of focus for this new release:

GroupWise Calendar and Task Sync

Calendar and Task synchronization between Novell Vibe and GroupWise® has been one of the top integration requests for some time. Leveraging Novell Data Synchronizer, we're close to releasing a new connector that will initially sync calendars and tasks from Vibe to GroupWise, and later be enhanced to add bi-directional synchronization. In the meantime a Technical Preview of this connector is available on the Data Synchronizer Marketplace at

Task Management Improvements

Many organizations are using Novell Vibe and its predecessor, Novell Teaming, for project collaboration. As a result, we have put significant focus on improving the task management capabilities and user experience. With this release, the task folder has a great new look and lots of new capabilities.

Some of the new capabilities include:

  • Sub-tasks
  • Task ordering
  • Completed time stamp
  • Improvements to task capabilities in the mobile UI
  • More interactive actions for adding additional tasks in a list
  • Changing Priority, Status and Progress in the list view
  • Auto-date calculation

We've also introduced a new folder-search feature that enables quick search of task names. With these new features, teams will be able to significantly improve productivity with simple but powerful task management.

What's New Improvements

When we released Novell Vibe version 3, we introduced the What's New feature. This allows users to quickly get a current view of the updates in the system they have access to across folders, workspaces, teams, favorites, followed people and places, as well as site-wide.

In version 3.1 we've made some slight changes to the look based on user feedback and made the list more interactive. Each entry on the list now has a set of actions each user can do. These actions are based on a user's access rights and include:

  • Comment
  • Share
  • Subscribe
  • Tag
  • Mark Read [toggle for Unread]

People can now also view the list based on what is unread. Similar to some of the new actions we've introduced in the folder view, these actions can be done directly from the What's New view.

Landing Page Improvements

With Novell Vibe it's now easier than ever to build interactive landing pages. With this release, we have added drag and drop editing, an HTML widget, iFrame widget, ability to display calendars, tasks and surveys, and several other entry display options. The capabilities all make Landing Pages more powerful and flexible. These enhancements are all backwards compatible to existing landing pages created in previous versions of Novell Vibe.

Key Features for Customers Migrating from Forum

Novell Vibe includes some capabilities specifically for users of Sitescape Forum:

  • Folder Views: Ability to modify column captions and order columns
  • Workflow Transitions: "on response" and "when everyone replies" classes of manual transitions
  • Notifications: Ability to embed field values in notification title or body and to send notification to any field
  • Disable/retire users
  • Individual forum/folder notification schedule
  • Access through multiple domains
  • Quota on folders and workspaces

Most of these new features will be useful to Novell Vibe customers as well.

Searching Improvements

The search engine and index are fundamental components of how Novell Vibe operates. With version 3.1, we've improved performance and added new capabilities such as basic stemming support (reducing words to their root form), better handling of punctuation characters, stop-word filtering and improved search matching with acute characters.

Bug Fixes

As with any release, Novell Vibe OnPrem 3.1 addresses user-requested quality improvement and bug fixes. Version 3.1 is a simple upgrade for most customers from Novell Vibe OnPrem 3. Customers with previous versions (Novell Teaming) must first get to Novell Vibe OnPrem 3 before upgrading to version 3.1.

  • Vibe Resource Library With updates nearly weekly, this is a great resource for sample forms, worksflows and workspaces, technical and how to articles, the latest success stories, use cases and self-help videos. Visit resource library
  • Virtual Sandbox This is a demonstration Vibe site where many of the samples are accessible and functioning without having to install anything. Visit virtual sandbox

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