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SEP Software

SEP Software specializes in storage management and network-wide data and security availability solution for over 15 years. Since 1992, SEP has developed industry-leading technology for data security, and has integrated this into one of the fastest and most reliable data backup solutions available today. SEP USA is headquartered in Boulder, CO.



kablink Open Source Project

Kablink is a scalable collaboration platform for social networking and productive teamwork. Any user can instantly start a "team" to create, manage, share and discuss ideas, or create workflows and mashups. Kablink includes blogs, wikis, calendars, tasks, document management, live conferencing and instant messaging. Join the next generation of enterprise social networking.


Pidgin is an open-source project that benefits from a robust community of developers. It is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows users to access multiple IM accounts at once and runs on Linux or Windows. Pidgin can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously.

Pidgin works with the conferencing client for Novell Vibe On Premise. There is also a plugin that allows Pidgin users to access GroupWise® Messenger. Learn more and download the client +

Novell Open Audio

At Novell Open Audio we take you into the back rooms of Software for the Open Enterprise, where you can find the best and brightest Novell technologists. Interviewing developers, product managers, and even the occasional Novell executive, our team works to expose what Novell technology makes possible and where it is headed next.

Cool Solutions

Users, administrators and developers share their secrets in this online community, which offers articles, tips, Q and A, and free tools to download. Don't reinvent the wheel—check here first to see if someone else has already tackled your challenge.


BrainStorm provides Novell training for any software that hits the end-user desktop. BrainStorm partners closely with Novell to provide Novell-branded software training materials and on-site training for programs such as Novell Vibe On Premise, GroupWise, the Novell Linux Desktop, and Because of this unique partnership, BrainStorm can also accept Novell Training Vouchers as payment for training services and materials.


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