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Business Credit Application


This form and workflow is designed for companies seeking to borrow money from a financial institution or for a line of credit with a manufacturer of goods. It has been generalized to offer the information necessary for credit verification, and to use digital signatures from the borrower to verify authenticity.

Figure 1: Business Credit Application Form

Figure 2: Business Credit Application Workflow


This form contains the fields needed to verify credit. These areas include name of applicant, name of business, address information, and name of bank. It is useful for anyone seeking to borrow funding and establish credit with another financial institution.

The workflow takes the form of a bank approval procedure. The information is passed through a number of states and can be rejected or accepted. Some of these states include Marketing Consultancy and Credit Division. The workflow has been set up to make it easy to customize for many situations.

To view a working example of this form visit the Virtual Sandbox.


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